Tip #5 – Arm Sales with Intelligence with Sales Insight

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Give Sales what it needs to succeed.

We have released ten marketing automation tips to make you a little more productive. Like presents, some are small, some are big–but enjoy them all.

Today’s Tip: Arm Sales with Intelligence with Sales Insight

In yesterday’s Celebrate Wins and Build Alignment with Sales postI spoke about the importance of communication in building Sales and Marketing alignment. Like any relationship, that takes time.

How can Marketers start providing value to Sales quickly?

If there is one area where organizations can earn a “Quick Win,” it’s Marketo’s Sales Insight.

Sales Insight is a Marketo add-on app that gives Sales the proper weapons to sell effectively–it puts valuable marketing information at the rep’s fingertips–pages visited, interesting moments, lead scoring and other key activities.

Sales Insight will provide instant value to Sales while Marketing works on the longer term communication activities. Timewise, we’ve helped companies setup Sales Insight in less than an afternoon complete with some basic Interesting Moments. The next step is training and rollout which can vary depending on an organization’s internal policies.

Sales Insight Sits within the CRM to Provide Real-Time Access to Marketing Activity

Some General Rollout Guidelines

Here are a few things to consider for Sales Insight implementation. If you need help with any, let me know.

  • Setup Interesting Moments to start collecting data. Jeff Shearer (@TheJeffShearer) has some great tips on how to leverage tokens in tip #14  in his 15 Marketo Protips article.
  • Get you CRM Admin on board to get Sales Insight setup within the CRM. Marketo has the process pretty well documented but you will have to make a few decisions along the way.
  • Send a heads up email to Sales to build excitement.  Encourage them to spend 5 minutes watching this Marketo Sales Insight video.
  • Develop a 1-2 Sales Insight training document.
  • Schedule a 30-60 minute training with Sales to roll out Sales Insight.

For those of you Indiana Jones fans, here’s the video from the famous gun fight scene from Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Other Tips from the Series

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