The Unofficial Ultimate Guide to Marketo Summit 2016

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It’s that time of year again. Spring is here and that means we have another Marketo Summit. Last year, over 6,000 attended in San Francisco. With over 100 sessions and multiple parties to choose from, it’s hard to decide which ones to attend. Use this guide to navigate this awesome Marketo Summit 2016 event. As a bonus, download the RevEngineInsider Marketo Summit 2016 Session Planning Cheat Sheet below.

We will update as needed with official and unofficial tips. If you have a tip, comment below the post or send an email to A special thanks goes out to Alyssa Reeves who helped pull this guide together.

Marketo Money Saving tips

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Save up to $50 a Night on MGM Hotel

Want a little extra gambling money? Forget about the $179  Marketo Summit 2016 Conference rate. We are seeing rates of around $129 on for a $50 savings.

We’ve already done all the searching for you, just head over to this link.

4/26/26 update. Wow, forget about this $129 rate that was available before mid April. We have seen that rate jump to $400+ nightly. As an alternative, New York, New York is right next door and running just over $100 a night.

Get $10 off Your First Uber Ride

Depending on which option you choose, you can ride from the Las Vegas Airport to the MGM Grand from $12-$30. Plus with a $10 bonus gift for signing up below, you’ll have a little to bet on black. Disclosure: We get a free ride too when you register.

Download Uber and Get $10 Free

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Which Sessions to Attend?

The Marketo Summit is a fantastic opportunity to meet many like-minded marketing professionals and learn new things. If you come out of the event with three actionable items that you can implement within the next three months, you are a winner.

DID YOU KNOW? You can attend a maximum of eleven sessions—less than 10% of sessions offered. However, unless you can clone yourself, you must plan in advance for success.

How do you navigate which sessions to attend? As others such as Josh Hill and Lindsay Khan have noted, plan in advance.

There are so many great sessions at the Marketo Summit 2016, it can be very overwhelming. Honestly, it’s like going to a great restaurant, you really can’t pick a bad session. Don’t worry, Marketo is recording them all so you can catch up on the ones you missed.

The top takeaway I would like to have from this year’s Summit is to find a tool that does statistical analysis and works with Marketo.  Josh Hill, Marketing Technologist and Marketo Champion

Where do you start?

For my planning, I take a three step approach. Maybe yours is different but planning in advance is key.

  1. I start with the twelve Marketo Champion sessions where Marketo’s top users show off top tips and tricks. I’ll probably get to 3 or 4 sessions. See the Twelve Marketo Champion Sessions.
  2. I then fill in most of the remaining slots with a few priority topics. For example, I am really interested in learning about new complementary technologies, ABM, and analytics. I’ll find a mix of sessions that match to those topics.
  3. I work in a wild card and attend some random session to learn something new that I didn’t expect.

The big thing I’d like to get out of this year’s Marketo Summit is……who is using revenue cycle model and how I can learn from them. Sharon Schwendner

It would be helpful if the tracks were clearly identified for each stakeholder. i.e; strategy/plan (exec level) vs ops/hands on. Jenny Coupe, Vice President of Customer Acquisition at SOASTA

See the Complete Session List

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Party Like a Rockstar

Looking to put those boogie shoes on and party like a rockstar? Welcome to party central. We’re in Vegas this year so there are some great venues to choose from. We’ve put together a party map to help navigate you to all of the best parties around.

Groove to the tunes of DJ Jazzy Jeff or chill out in the minus 5 ice bar. Signup below.

If you see a party missing, send Alyssa Reeves an email. We’ll update em as we get em.

Welcome Reception 

  • What: Marketo’s pre event kickoff
  • When: Monday, May 9th, 2016 – 5:00-7:00 pm
  • Where: The Expo Hall
  • Sponsor: Marketo
  • Register: No registration required. Conference pass required.

Happy Hour

  • What: Marketo’s cocktail hour to end the first day of sessions
  • When: Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 from 5:30 pm to 7 pm
  • Where: The Expo Hall
  • Sponsors:  Marketo
  • Register: No registration required. Conference pass required.

Party with Mambo

  • What: Mambo wants to celebrate with you! Join them at the Pearl in the MGM towers and to raise your glasses together.
  • When: Monday, May 9th, 2016 at 7 pm
  • Where: Pearl in the MGM Towers
  • Sponsor:  Mambo
  • Register

Champagne Splash

  • What: Kick it back at the Lily Champagne Splash. DJ, tables and bottle service. It’s rumored DemandGen CEO will be spinning some DJ tunes for part of the night (Read the back story).
  • When: Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 from 9:00 pm to 1 am
  • Where: Lily Bar & Lounge, Bellagio
  • Sponsors:  DemandGen, Certain, Vidyard, PFL, Mintago
  • Register

Everstring’s Summer Anthem 2016

  • What: Get ready to enjoy a summer evening, have some fun with friends and dance the night away with DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Roger Gangi!
  • When: May 10, 2016
  • Where: Wet Republic
  • Sponsors:  Everstring, Engagio, LeadMD, Optimizely, SnapApp, Social123, Vidyard
  • Register

Get Chilled Party

The Coolest Event @ Marketo Summit 2016

  • What: Join us for an unforgettable experience at minus5, where EVERYTHING is made of ice: the walls, the bar, the seats and even the glasses that you enjoy your cocktails in.
  • When: Wednesday,  May 11th, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Ideal pre-party before the Marketo Gala)
  • Where: minus5 at Mandalay Bay
  • Register: Register (Currently Waitlist) Unfortunately, we’re in Vegas and not the North Pole so space is limited.
  • Sponsors: KnakRevEngine Marketing, leadspace, rybbon
  • Hashtag: #MarketoIce

Marketing Nation Party

  • What: The big gala event sponsored by Marketo
  • When: Wednesday,  May 11th, 2016 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Where: Hakkasan at the MGM
  • Sponsor:  Marketo
  • Register: No registration required. Conference pass required.

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Marketo Summit 2016 Cheat Sheet

Download Summit Cheat Sheet

Marketo Summit 2015 Cheat Sheet Download the Marketo 2016 Session Planning spreadsheet–a must-have 1-pager to complement the official Marketo app.

It will help you pick the sessions that make the most sense for you. Great for printing out as a backup as a quick reference or if your phone goes dead

Download (XLS)

A RevEngine Insider Exclusive

Get the App

To make the most of your experience download the official Marketo Summit 2016 mobile app today! Just go to the AppStore or Google Play to download.

Want to learn about the App’s tips and tricks, Joe Reitz does an awesome job walking through the app developed by DoubleDutch. Read Joe’s full article here.

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How to get a free pass at Marketo Summit 2016?

Get a Free Pass

Attend the Keynotes for Free

No time to dig deep into marketing best practices? Don’t have the budget for a full pass?

Get a free pass to the Expo Hall and both key note sessions. Use the Registration link below and select Keynote/Expo Free Pass to the right of the full pass.

Of course, if you want the full experience with all meals, breakout sessions, and gala, choose the Full Pass.

Register for Event

Have an Extra Pass?

Maybe someone at your company recently left? Or, you can’t go last minute.

How about transferring that pass to someone else to put it to good use? We know of a few folks looking for passes (Including us) so send us a note if your organization has any extra passes.

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Get $300 Off When You Register

Just use the code: topspeakers300 to get $300 off when you register. Register here.

Marketo Summit 2016 Social Updates

Get Social – Real-time Updates

Follow live during the Summit at #MKTGnation. We will also cover the event with live updates, pics and videos at @RevEngineMarket.

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Networking – Make Some Friends

If you are sitting at the table at lunch or waiting in line for a drink, break out of the shy mode. Here are a few ice breaker questions:

  • What is the big thing you are looking to learn this year?
  • Any big wins at your company last year around marketing automation?
  • Have you had much success with [feature you want to learn about]?
  • What is your favorite cartoon character? (OK, maybe skip this one.)

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Marketo Summit Prizes and Giveaways

Win Cool Stuff

We’re tracking all the cool prizes that vendors are giving away at the Marketo Summit. We expect this list to grow as more vendors submit their prizes.

If you know of any great giveaways, email Alyssa Reeves so she can add to the list.

Vendor Prize How Updated
Engagio Engagio Sky High VIP Sweepstakes. Want to upgrade your room to the Penthouse City View Suite with 1,250 square feet of Luxury. Register before the event for the sweepstakes.
 Lattice Marketing Win a geeky prize as a #MKGTNerd.  Come to the booth and take a photo as a #MKGTNerd
 Bizible, Demandbase, eMedia, Attend, and Perkuto  Win a SkyLOFT Room Upgrade Fill out this survey  4/27/2016
 LeadMD  Win up to $10,000 in prizes. Grand prize is a brand new MacBook Air  Play Poker Run  4/27/16
 SnapApp, Optimizely, doubledutch, Everstring, MarketingProfs, Captora, influitive, dun&bradstreet, and uberflip  Become a VIP by winning $2,500 Fill out this form 4/27/16
Conversica 15 hourly giveaway of tablets, Amazon Echos, and hoverboards Stop by the Conversica booth for a ticket for each drawing  4/29/16

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Marketo Summit University Day

Become a Marketo Pro

If you are looking for a deeper dive in Marketo training, spend a day at Marketo University to learn the skills and techniques you need to know. Choose to attend an array of courses from 5 different tracks designed for beginner to advanced level users. University day takes place on Monday, May 9, 2016.

Already a pro? Consider signing up for the Marketo Certification test.

Checklist: Ace your Marketo Certified Expert Exam (Steve Moody)

Preparing for the Marketo Certification Exam (Josh Hill)

More Info

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Who is Speaking?

If you want a good seat for the keynote, make sure to get to the auditorium at least 30 minutes before. Otherwise, you could find yourself standing.

Overall, who is speaking at the Marketo Summit?

From the entertainment industry, Will Smith are Rachel Platten are leading the Marketo Summit keynotes this year. So get jiggy.

On the business front, the usual suspects of Marketo speakers will take the stage. Phil Fernandez (CEO Marketo) and Sanjay Dholokia (CMO Marketo) will cover the latest Marketo vision.

Alison Levine (Entrepreneur, world-renowned adventurer), Gary Briggs (Facebook Marketing) and Jamie Gutfreund (Wunderman) round out the other keynotes. Personally, I love Everest stories to live vicariously through people that do amazing things from an adventure perspective.

The Influencers

Keep an eye out for sessions by some of the top names in the marketing industry.

Available via Live Stream

Marketo is making the 2016 keynotes available on live stream again for this year’s summit. So, in case you can’t make it to Vegas, you can stream it live.

Note: Will Smith’s keynote will not be made available via live stream.

Register Here

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Catching up in Vegas?


I will be in Las Vegas Sunday through Thursday and would love to catch up with any of our readers. Besides the parties and sessions, below are a few places I will definitely be. Stop by and say hello:

  • The Marketo Community Bar: Got a question? Stop by the Marketo Central and chat with one of the Marketo Champions or User Group Leaders.
    • When: I’ll be there answering questions 2:45-3:15 PM on Tues 5/10.
  • PFL Booth: I’ll be walking through best practices for how to integrate direct mail into Marketo nurturing at the PFL booth. Send me a time to book at meeting.
    • When: Monday 5-7 and various times on Tuesday.
  • Get Chilled Party: RevEngine Marketing is co-hosting the coolest party at the Marketo Summit 2016. Hope to see you there. More info in the Party section.

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Read Other Great Resources

Other Resources

I will add to the list as new articles are written. Email Alyssa Reeves if you see any I’ve missed.

Things to do in Vegas


What’s a trip to Vegas without exploring some of the sights, dining at some of the great restaurants, and experiencing all that this city has to offer? No need to do much searching, I’ve got you covered on this part.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Learn the Ecosystem

Marketo is your platform. The partners are the accessories that fuel that platform. Whether your organization needs to plan an event, clean data or manage content, check out the Expo Showcase that is open daily.

Last year, over 100 partners exhibited.  This year, I’ve counted at least 100 logos on the sponsors page including Engagio, PFL, Lean Data, Ringlead. kapost, infer, zoominfo and others.

List of Sponsors

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