Tackle Top Marketing Issues: Interview with Matt Heinz

Recently, I sat down with marketing guru Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing. Check out Matt’s take on how to tackle some of today’s top marketing issues. We also learn about Matt’s favorite Will Ferrell movie.

Matt Heinz Interview Highlights:

  • Challenges You are Seeing with Your Clients Today?: “B2B Marketing today is just overall a challenge. If this was easier, everyone would do it, everyone would be successful. We were talking earlier, the biggest challenge I see is getting beyond the plan. You know, it’s great you can have a plan, you can have a strategy–the best marketers are able to react to how the market reacted to that plan. Not everything works, shocker, right? Some things don’t work the way you want to. Your ability to make adjustments to that is a huge part of being successful with B2B marketing.”
  • Embracing Revenue Responsibility: “The other thing I think is really critical to B2B marketers today is embracing revenue responsibility and operationalizing that by putting a focus on making the Sales team more successful. A lot of B2B teams are putting a focus on Sales enablement and measuring their results by Salesforce productivity and increased conversion of opportunities to close. There’s a lot of ways to go work on that in terms of technology, operations, process improvements, content.

Overall, the marketers that are embracing revenue responsibility through the entire funnel are seeing the most success. Matt Heinz

  • How is Technology Playing into this Whole Process?: “I fundamentally believe technology and content is replacing media as the coin of the realm for B2B marketers. And that’s been difficult for some marketers, and some marketing leaders to get their heads around as technology gets more expensive, as you’re no longer just spending $19 a month on some little tool. I mean there’s real dollars at play here, but, you know, what many marketers are seeing is their technology budgets are going up exponentially, but their marketing budgets relatively are going down. So you’re spending less money as a function of the business and the revenue of the business on marketing, but you’re seeing a greater impact because of the scalability and precision that the technology allows you to have.

Technology provides more precise, more impactful conversations with audiences of one at scale. Matt Heinz

  • Marketing and Sales Alignment Evolution: “I think fundamentally it starts with having the same objectives, the same definitions, the same goals. That sounds simple, but that has been elusive for a lot of organizations. You need to have one set of math: how many deals need to close? How big of a pipeline do you need? How many leads you need to feed that pipeline? That’s one set of math that a lot of companies do not have together.

A lot of companies have not defined their opportunities and their leads the same way. Matt Heinz

  • Going Further: “And then, taking that a step further, who are we targeting? Who are the organizations? Who are the people? What’s the content map that says ‘who are the people we’re talking to? What are the stages of their buying journey? What’s the content of the messages we want to have at each of those stages? And how does Sales and Marketing orchestrate that in an integrated way to create the best level of momentum and velocity towards a conversion event that’s usually beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.”
  • Matt’s New Book: “We just published a new book called, Full Funnel Marketing, and it really sort of evangelizes marketers embracing the entire funnel. It’s not just about getting to the point where you’re generating a level of MQLs, it’s really encouraging marketers to fully embrace revenue responsibility, to count as their primary metric Marketing Contribution to Sale, and to count these sales in the revenue metric as Marketing’s primary purpose.”

It’s converting Marketing from a cost center to a profit center, and it’s not easy, but I see that very much as where marketers need to go in the months and years to come. Matt Heinz

  • If You Only Had One Will Ferrell Movie to Watch, for the Rest of Your Life, What Would That Be?: “The dark horse answer, I can’t remember the name of it, but the figure skating movie was just fantastic. Anchorman was just so good. The first one, not the second one. The first Anchorman was just amazing. Anchorman and whatever the nascar movie was. As good as the movie was, I could sit and watch the extras on the DVD forever, he just sits there and ad-libs all sorts of crazy stuff, it’s so funny. I’m a huge SNL fan, a huge Will Ferrell fan.”

You can follow Matt on Twitter at @HeinzMarketing or check out Matt’s blog at http://www.heinzmarketing.com/blog/. To catch up on one of the Will Ferrell classics, here’s a clip from Blades of Glory.

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