Stocking Stuffer Marketo Tip #3 – Gain Intelligence from Your Holiday OOO Replies

Late December is one of the most popular times for out-of-office (OOO) emails. With all of that intelligence sitting in your autoresponder inbox, wouldn’t it be great to make that data actionable to your marketing and sales teams?

It’s holiday time and we are releasing a bite-sized, stocking-stuffer Marketo tip each day this week to make you a little more productive. 

In yesterday’s Pause the Nurture Conversation post, we talked about a strategy to hold off communications during the holidays. Today, we take the opposite approach of why you should consider sending an email when your audience is away.

The Opportunity to Collect Intelligence from OOO Email

What if you could generate new leads through OOO autoresponders while also enriching existing data?

According to email mining company LeadGnome, normal mailings generate an approximate 3% autoresponder rate–a rate that almost triples during the holidays.

With rich intelligence sitting in the autoresponder like updated job title, new phone information or referred lead data, the autoresponder provides a wealth of insights.

OOO emails contain a wealth of data that usually sits in a black hole.

A Holiday Campaign?


Sending an email on Christmas or New Years is against conventional wisdom. Those are two of the biggest OOO days of the year. 

Sure, the engagement/open rate will most likely resemble the Cleveland Browns winning percentage (very low). However, sending emails over holidays can help your company boost new leads while enhancing existing contacts. More reply emails over the holidays = larger opportunity to mine your existing data for more intelligence.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sift through thousands of messages to filter out the information. Several reply email mining solutions like LeadGnome and Siftrock automatically grab the intelligence from those OOO messages and populate the information into a database. And yes, both integrate with Marketo and other solutions–you’ll probably want to wait for the full integration until after the holidays as there is some strategy to work through.

The Quick Win to Generate New Leads Over the Holidays

Get the gift that keeps on giving with little effort. How would you like to come back into the office after New Years and have hundreds of new and enriched leads?

If you have some free time to get a quick win over the holidays, signup for a trial of LeadGnome which takes about ten minutes. Setup is a matter of creating a forwarding rule so the solution can go to work mining the intelligence when the holiday email is sent.

Or, reach to Siftrock and request a demo. Siftrock can set you up with a trial after your conversation.

Your next step is to create your holiday email or card (e.g. Webbycard) and deliver it to your audience like you normally would. Either solution will use the OOO autoresponder intelligence to start creating new leads while enriching existing records.

Good luck mining.  And of course, if you need any help getting started, send me a note.

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For more in-depth coverage of OOO email mining, read Why the Holidays are GREAT for B2B Emails?

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