Stocking Stuffer Marketo Tip #2 – Pause the Nurture Conversation

Ever try to talk to someone and the person is just not listening? Why would you continue sending email when your audience isn’t hearing you?

A study from Hubspot found a 42% drop in opens on Christmas Eve and a steep 72% decline on Christmas. The same study showed that the following Monday and Tuesday also had lower open results (33% and 35% respectively).

It’s holiday time and we are releasing a bite-sized, stocking-stuffer Marketo tip each day this week to make you a little more productive.  Today, learn how to pause your nurture conversations during the holidays.

Pause the Conversation – Maybe


While your B2B audience is enjoying time with the family, you might want to consider pausing some of your communications. Unless it’s a holiday list, you probably will want to hold off on announcing the latest ebook or case study. There is no rocket science here–we see most of our clients hold off on major announcements during the holidays.

What about your evergreen nurture communications–the content that keeps on giving automatically? The good news is that if your organization has set up your nurture communications using engagement streams, the turn-off process is very easy.

How to Pause an Engagement Stream

If you are leveraging Marketo’s engagement programs, one of their many benefits is the ability to quickly suspend communications. Like unplugging your Christmas tree, simply turn the program off to suspend communications. This will stop Marketo from sending out any content. When you return from the holidays, simply turn the setting on and your casts will resume where they left off.

Alternatively, you can adjust the cadence schedule of an individual stream if you prefer more granular controls.

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If you aren’t using engagement programs, your life will not be as simple. Consider a New Year’s resolution to convert to engagement programs the coming year.

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