Steve Moody Shares his Thoughts on Martech

I sat down recently with martech master Steve Moody to get his thoughts on the latest trends in artificial intelligence and account-based marketing. See the interview below.

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Jeff: We are here with Steven Moody, technologist extraordinaire. We are going to learn some things today about what’s going on in the industry.

Steve: Going to learn everything.

Jeff: Alright so, Steve, what have you been up to lately? What’s going on in the technology space? What are you finding?

Steve: Well I am finding there is a shift to more tools across revenue operations, for marketing, sales, and customer success. People are scrabbling for what to do with GDPR. They don’t know where they are going to find leads. Aand people who are not even worried about GDPR are worried about how to get my e-mails opened.

Jeff: If you don’t know Steve, Steve makes all these crazy applications to help clients with everything. So what’s the latest invention you’re working on?

Steve: I have a few things in the works that I can’t quite share for consumption here.

Jeff: He can’t share with us, we are going to get back to this later, we are going to get to the bottom of this, stay tuned. So what do you see next? What’s happening over the next year or so in terms of technology?

Steve: In the next year, we are going to see more ABM and more AI, but we are not going to call it that anymore, because ABM is sincerely one of the best tactics. AI is going to be immersed in everything we do. So all these AI companies have raised a lot of money and are trying to match the hype cycle. Now they actually have to have a use case which shows ROI, which is going to be a huge shift for these companies. I think there is going to be a turning point there.

Meanwhile, ABM– everyone needs to get more narrow and conspicuously personalize. It’s not enough to be personal in what you write, you actually need to make sure the person reading it knows that you took the time to be personal. Like this interview right here. People actually know we are here, and there is value in that, right? That is more valuable than a fake conversation that might have more information.

Jeff: Well speaking of exotic, you travel places, right?

Steve: Yeah.

Jeff: You’re fearless, right? So that’s a bit of the theme. If you had to fight a bear or a tiger, which are you going to choose?

Steve: A bear or a tiger?

Jeff: Yes, that is Bostonian accent.

Steve: Oh, a bear or a tiger. Oh, man. I think I would fight the bear, it can’t run as fast, so I could out run it.

Jeff: Alright so that’s what we have learned today. Learned all sorts of technology stuff. Steve Moody is going to whip some butt on some bears.

Steve: Let’s get some beers.

Jeff: Thanks for everything.

Steve: Thanks Jeff.

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