My 48-Hour Dreamforce Whirlwind

Watch the Video: Dreamforce 2017 in 48 Hours.

With one day left until Dreamforce 2017, I made the leap to go at 4pm the day before leaving. It was too great of an opportunity to meet with partners, prospects and customers. Plus, I had never been before.

Flight costs were insane but a last-minute check of flights using miles showed decent availability. Somehow, I lucked out and scored a hotel in Union Square at a normal price. I was ready.

Due to some late week client commitments back home, I had just 48 hours to experience Dreamforce.  This is like trying to read War in Peace in a night. What’s it like navigating Dreamforce in such a short period as a rookie without a Dreamforce pass?

Dreamforce Breakouts

In my almost two days, I put my walking shoes on and rotated between three breakout venues hosted by various Martech vendors/partners as well as Marketo. I used some of those locations for meetings I setup on the plane ride out. I was pretty amazed at the quality of the breakout sessions and venues which were completely separate from Dreamforce—no Dreamforce pass required.

In my limited time, hot topics revolved around Artificial Intelligence (AI), Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Analytics.  For our clients, AI and ABM are still evolving initiatives. Our clients’ hot button is attribution and funnel management so I focused on getting the latest updates from our friends at Bizable, FunnelWise, Engagio, Full Circle Insights, LeanData and BrightFunnel.

My personal prediction is attribution management is going to grow significantly in 2018 so look for continued coverage of these vendors/solutions in the future. Our new attribution eBook is already our most popular asset of 2017.

Craig Rosenberg hosts a panel at Marketo breakout

Panel discusses Martech at B2B Champion breakout

OpsStars breakout – Will Soupcoff and Jeff Serlin talk about building a rocketship.

OpsStars event had pedicabs to whisk attendees around.

Dreamforce Parties

For my one full night at Dreamforce, there were a plethora of parties going on over the city. Apptus compiled a list of 150+ for the week–talk about the ultimate bar crawl. I just made it to one: the Marketo party at Spin to catch up with fellow Marketo aficionados.

Spraypaint wall

DJ spins some tunes

Wearing some funky shades with my friends from BELL.

Ping pong

By Tues afternoon, I was back on the plane and heading home. It was an eventful 48 hours and now I’ll have a better plan for next year (although my spur-of the-moment  trip worked out pretty well).

Watch the Video: Dreamforce 2017 in 48 Hours

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