Mining Out-of-Office Emails: Interview with Matt Benati

You know all of those out-of-office autoresponders and bounces that your email marketing system gets back? In most companies, that intelligence usually falls into a black hole.

Today we are joined by Matt Benati, CEO of LeadGnome. He is going to share his thoughts on how to turn those emails into actionable intelligence to drive new leads and build an account-based strategy.

Matt Benati Interview Highlights

  • From VP of Marketing at LogMeIn to CEO of LeadGnome: Matt’s Background: So, LogMeIn was a great example of a company that had both inbound and outbound marketing at the highest level. And what we found was, that all of these leads that were being talked to and engaged with via an outbound campaign, so many of them had responses that were coming back. And frankly, they fall on the floor.
    • What are you going to do with them? “I’ve lead so many of these Marketing departments in my past, and it’s just a common problem. There’s a wealth of information in there, and I wanted to capitalize on it, so that’s why I started LeadGnome.”
  • What are the types of results that some of your customers have with LeadGnome? “Right, so just to take a little bit of a step back, those reply emails that come back at you from the marketing campaigns, whether they’re opt-outs because somebody didn’t hit the “unsubscribe” button, whether they’re out of office, left the company emails, changes in information. All of those come back, and the important thing is to leverage that to do two things: 1) refresh your existing database, which we know from our research, like ZoomInfo’s research, 40% or greater go stale every year, it’s just tremendous. It’s crazy.”
    • Big Benefit, New Leads, and Building Existing Accounts: “So we help with that but we also provide net new leads, because uniquely we look not only at signatures, but where all the real data is, and that’s in the unstructured body of the emails. So we use natural language processing data, analytics, data mining techniques, to pull all that goodness out and provide it back to our customers.”

      One of the things we like to say is if you’re doing two campaigns a month, you’re able to provide 36% net new leads to your database, huge number. But almost more impressive is 72% of your database is refreshed to offset that tremendous attrition rate of your customer database.

  • Favorite part of your day? “Customers. Really love it. I’m on the front lines, I’m dealing with customers, and I love the notion of, you know that classic, traditional mom-and-pop hardware store or general store feel where it’s not just all about the cutthroat money? I love having conversations with my customers, giving them what they need, and the rest will just happen. I truly believe in that, my customers love us, and I think that’s one of the major reasons.”
  •  For the rest of your life you can only have one food. What would that be? “I know it’s a bit mundane, but I think PB&J. It lasts forever and it’s great food for energy and all that, so I love that.”

Today we learned some great information about LeadGnome and mining out-of-office emails. We also learned that Matt could eat PB&J for the rest of his life.

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