[Keynote] The Future: Martech that Matters

In our day 1 keynote, we cover the future of B2B and upcoming trends, but if technology is the key to unlocking the potential of these trends, where do you focus? Where do you invest? Join Digital Pi’s CEO, Ryan Vong and Merkle’s Chief Solution Architect, Craig Howard as they answer these questions in Keynote 2 and talk all things technology and Marchitecture. 

Top Tips include:

  • How to navigate the increasingly complex Martech ecosystem
  • Keys to planning for the future of CDP (and where it fits with Marketo)
  • Pitfalls to avoid when building out your Martech strategy
  • Tips for expanding your Martech knowledge to move ahead in your career


Mike Rizzo, Founder, MO Pros

Craig Howard, Vice President, Technology, Chief Solution Architect, Merkle

Ryan Vong, CEO & Founder, Digital Pi

Jeff Coveney, CMO, Digital Pi

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At Digital Pi, we use technology to connect revenue to marketing efforts. We fuse marketing strategies, processes, data and applications to make marketing technology solutions work for clients' businesses.

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