Marketo Rocked San Fran – The 2015 Summit Recap

Another Marketo Summit, another redeye out of San Francisco. I’m attempting to make this plane ride productive, so I’ve written down of some of the big takeaways of the Marketo Summit. Here they are:

1.    Hot Technology Trends

Let’s dive into a few.

  • Account-Based Marketing– It is becoming necessary to find a way to take the discussions beyond the lead. Account-based marketing is a hot new trend in the marketing world. The traffic at Lean Data’s booth was brisk, and John Miller is starting a new company called Engagio.
  • Content Marketing – Content is the fuel that drives the marketing automation engine. There was plenty of buzz on everything from content marketing to video marketing to the next generation of lead nurturing. It’s all about moving forward and personalizing, and content marketing is that next level.
  • The Convergence of Marketing and Social– More marketing technologies are coming together as evidenced by Marketo’s announcement with LinkedIn. Marketo has announced its integration of LinkedIn Lead Accelerator with Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform. This integration gives marketers a powerful way to coordinate relevant messages and content across the channels.​

2.    The Ecosystem is Growing

The digital technology market is exploding and the vendor show case was hot, with over 100 solutions. If Marketo is your Iphone, the partners are the Apps that enrich that platform.

  • So if you are looking for ways to manage your content, companies ranged from Kapost to Uberflip to SnapApp. These companies are experts in the field of content management.
  • Need to enrich data? Companies who specialize in this such as RingLead, ZoomInfo and NetProspex were in the house and full of expertise to share.
  • Some companies that are work in analytics were KISSmetrics and BrightFunnel, birst and others.

Check out the great infographic from knak.

3.    Speakers were Awesome

  • John Legend spoke about his journey from management consultant to Grammy winner. Not many people know that he was a management consultant after college. I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who has taken that career path. Legend gave his speech while sitting at the piano, which allowed him to thrill the audience with a few of his big hits. What’s more entertaining than John Legend giving an amazing speech while singing some of his most popular songs? Not much.
  • Arianna Huffington shared her inspirations about the importance of leading a stress free life. A stress free life is probably something we all would love to have. We also learned that the Huffington Post has nap rooms—better rested employees equals more productive contributors. I think all offices should invest in nap rooms.
  •  Salman Khan gave his story about the importance of education, and how he created thousands of videos from his home office in order to help those in need of guidance in any subject. These videos help students all over learn with an extremely wide variety of categories. Today, his YouTube videos have attracted over 2 million subscribers to his Khan Academy.

Check out the recordings of all of the Summit Speakers, posted by Marketo.

4.    Love the 80s

The Marketo Summit gala on Tuesday night at the City Hall gave attendees a great venue to party the night away.  On Monday, attendees rocked out at several parties including the 80s B2B Fusion bash.

5.    Coming Soon – Marketo Recorded Presos

When they are released, we’ll publish them here.


In summary, this year’s Marketo Summit was nothing less than incredible. From learning about new trends in the marketing world to the journeys of three extremely successful business people, Marketo certainly did not disappoint. I look forward to what next year’s will bring, and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

In the meantime, check out my video which is a recap of my trip. You may or may not see me dressed as a lady Viking having a sword fight.

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