Interview w Ryan Vong: The Journey from Services to Product

Building a services company from scratch is a challenge (I experience this daily). Pivoting that services company to also include a product offering brings together another set of challenges.

Today, I sit down with Ryan Vong, CEO and President of Digital Pi who shares his experiences on a new product called Omega that offers unique insights into Marketo performance.  We actually used Omega with a client to diagnose and cut down 50% of unnecessary processing to speed up performance.

The Interview

Jeff : Today we are joined by Ryan Vong, the CEO of Digital Pi. He is going to be sharing some of his thoughts on digital marketing. Ryan, you founded Digital Pi, talk a little bit about that journey.

Ryan: I started that four years ago and I just wanted to do what I love best which is automation, working with marketing teams.

Jeff: The last four years you’ve been doing a lot of services but recently, you started a software solution.  What’s going on with the solution called Omega?

Ryan: Through the four years of consulting, I think we’ve heard very similar themes throughout our consulting and we decided to address them. Through little projects, we started building a technology around the process and came out with a product called Omega.

Get more information on Omega, a Marketo management solution that helps companies analyze performance bottlenecks, scoring trends, buying journeys, and overall health. 

Jeff: Today, digital marketing is what it is, it’s a crazy landscape. Where do you see it going in the next three years?

Ryan:  I think that in the next three years, there’s going to be even more tech. But I think in three years, there’s going to be some level of standardization around the technologies with defined competitors.

There’s just so many things getting created all the time that at some point, somebody’s going to have to make sense of all of this. I think some of that stuff is going to make its way through while the market proves itself out.

It’s still a big mess and in my opinion, it will get more clear in the future.

Jeff: Really hard question…. you have just been accepted onto American Idol. You are singing for your life on American Idol. What is the one song you’re gonna go ahead and sing?

Ryan: Stairway to Heaven.

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