Funnels Insights with Mollie Bodensteiner

There is no easy button to getting insights out of your marketing. Analytics is one of the biggest challenges our clients face and there are a myriad of paths businesses can take to get those insights. One of those paths is through purpose-built solutions that bring intelligence to management.

I sat down recently with Mollie Bodensteiner, VP of Marketing at FunnelWise to talk about the next generation of insights for marketers.

Interview Highlights

  • Being VP of Marketing at FunnelWise: “So I started my career in health insurance with BlueCross BlueShield. I found my way as a consultant with Marketo, which I loved. I loved working with all the customers, the process, the funnels, the data, the CRMs, Marketing Automation in general.”

And now I’m the VP of Marketing at FunnelWise where I get to spend my days working with our customers, helping them improve their revenue journey, their funnel, plus I get to write about awesome material and content about how we’re changing the space for funnel analytics.” Mollie Bodensteiner

  • Favorite Part of the Day: “The favorite part of my day is really getting to log into Funnelwise and in real time, see how we’re progressing towards our goal, what our forecast looks like and really get that intelligence that I need as a marketer to drive our business forward. Marketers are no longer measured on MQLs, now we’re measured on actual revenue contributions- so it’s that full insight that I need at my fingertips.”
  • Looking ahead, where do you see the market going?: “I think there’s going to be a huge push to productize analytics where instead of expecting companies to be able to get this data from a custom kitchen and building their own custom BI, which most small-midsize businesses don’t have the budget or the resources to do.”

I think you’re going to see more artisanal brews where it is a custom platform, but it’s working to fix a common problem. Mollie Bodensteiner

  • If you were on American Idol, what would be the one song that you would belt out?: “Well, with my shirt, ‘Girls just wanna have funnels,’ I think I’d want to do Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’”

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