Biju Muduli Explains her 2020 Vision

It was great to sit down with Biju Muduli, Vice President, Global Demand Generation & Field Marketing at Brightcove last month at the B2BMX event in Scottsdale. Hearing Biju’s aggressive goals for 2020 and excitement about her team leaves no doubt that this passionate problem-solver is off to a great start. From a background in engineering to a passion for lobster, this one covers it all. Check out the video above and read below to catch everything in this edition of PiAchivers!

Jeff Coveney: We’re here today with Biju Muduli.

Biju Muduli: Hello.

Jeff Coveney: We are going to be talking about video and how to become a leader in marketing on this edition of Pi Achievers. You’ve seen this format before?

Biju Muduli: Yes.

Jeff Coveney: You’re going to pick one of these questions and then have to answer it.

Biju Muduli: All right.

Jeff Coveney: You ready?

Biju Muduli: I’m ready.

Jeff Coveney: All right. All right, first question. What do you love most about running marketing?

Biju Muduli: I love my team. The first thing I love about going to work and running marketing is my awesome team at Brightcove.

Jeff Coveney: What’s she going to pick? All right. You live in Boston, local Bostonian. What would you prefer, chowder or lobster?

Biju Muduli: Lobster, hands down. Clean dipped in butter. That’s how I like it.

Jeff Coveney: I like that too. I like chowder too. Chowder’s great. All right, we’re in 2020 now. Thinking about marketing goals, you’re driving the marketing at Brightcove. What’s your top goal for 2020?

Biju Muduli: My top goal, and I would say the only goal, right now is having 3X pipeline covers to meet our bookings goals for the company.

Jeff Coveney: All right. That’s aggressive.

Biju Muduli: That is very aggressive. But we’re getting there.

Jeff Coveney: What’s the strategy for that?

Biju Muduli: The strategy is looking at our different market segments and then making sure that we are working very closely with ourselves seems to define our go to market approach, whether it’s our enterprise accounts or it’s our mid-market accounts. Do we have the right strategy? Do we have the right campaign activities and the sales followup plans aligned according to those activities? And that’s how we are going to get there.

Jeff Coveney: What is something your colleagues do not know about you?

Biju Muduli: Well, most of my colleagues don’t know that I am an accidental marketer. I studied engineering in my undergrad and then later on studied marketing, marketing management, and strategic management, but did not go to undergrad for anything related to marketing at all. Electrical engineer.

Jeff Coveney: Well, you probably work a lot with a lot of the details then, right? And making sure that everything adds up?

Biju Muduli: Yeah. I think the engineering background gives me two things. One, problem-solving, which is again essential in any kind of job if you will. And the other thing is I’m very analytical, which is again really necessary in today’s marketing world to be successful.

Jeff Coveney: You’ve had a number of great roles moving from Carbonite, now you’re at Brightcove. In terms of somebody that wants to make that type of move into marketing leadership, do you have any recommendations for them?

Biju Muduli: Sure. Going into marketing? Leadership is to think outside of marketing as well. You have to develop a relationship with, of course, your sales counterparts, sales leaders, as well as product management, customer success, and finance team to make sure that you’re building those relationships, you’re understanding the business goals for the company and then driving your marketing strategies or creating your marketing strategy and driving your team’s activities based on that. It needs to be thinking about the company’s goals, the business goals, not just marketing in a silo.

Jeff Coveney: Yeah, alignment with all the different organizations-

Biju Muduli: Correct.

Jeff Coveney: All right, Brightcove’s all about the video. That’s part of your every day- Can you talk a little bit about what companies can do to get up and running with video?

Biju Muduli: Sure. There is a misconception that getting up and running with video is expensive and it’s daunting and it’s really not. There are ways where companies can create videos, in-house videos, really in an inexpensive manner. But the return on it is really, really so much better than any other content. And we say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures.

Jeff Coveney: Right. Right.

Biju Muduli: Whether it’s creating awareness, whether it’s creating conversion, whether it’s driving adoption of your products and solutions with your existing customers, you can use video anywhere and it performs better than any other type of content. And not only doing that, not only creating videos and using the videos but making sure you know how they are performing. Video analytics is big. And that’s where Brightcove is also innovating quite a bit in terms of how companies not only use video but understand the usage of video and the video analytics behind it, as well as comparing and what are we calling it an industry benchmark score, comparative analytics. How are these videos performing against the industry of the benchmark?

Jeff Coveney: Just got to get started.

Biju Muduli: Just got to get started.

Jeff Coveney: All right, well, thanks so much for joining us today. Hopefully, you got a lot out of this interview and we’ll see you next time on Pi Achievers.

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