Adobe Summit 2019 Recap

If you’re heavily involved in the Marketing Nation (like we are), you’ll know there was a lot of nail-biting about whether or not Summit would be the event we’ve all come to know and love. As exciting as the Adobe acquisition of Marketo was, the future was still nebulous heading into what its purple-clad power users consider marketing operations camp.

But there was no need to fear: the events, the people, and the sessions that we need to network and do our jobs better were all there. The only downside was everything was compressed to one day making it difficult to see all the friends, peers, and colleagues we only get to see once a year. Oh, and sleep? What’s that!? Cramming it in meant late nights socializing and getting it in before another year goes by.

It also felt like there was a Sophie’s Choice when it came to scheduling Marketo sessions because Marketo’s day was jam-packed. Topics were A-game and highly competitive so attendees had to know what they wanted to learn and plan well in advance. Luckily, Adobe already has the session recordings available so you can catch anything you missed.

Some Assets For You:

Speaking of, here are the party pics from Digital Pi’s events and the session recordings from  team members Jessica Kao and Jenn DiMaria, with a special appearance from Marketo’s 2019 Champion of the Year, Julz James:

Jess Kao:

Jenn DiMaria + Julz James:

Digital Pi Events:

Digital Pi Presentations:

Adobe Presentations:

The overall take on the Adobe Summit is this: we need more Marketo.

Adobe is poised to bring great things to our world of MOPs and reporting (see: Sensei) but the purple machine isn’t a cog in the wheel; for most of us, it is the wheel. And although we look forward to seeing what Adobe can do for Marketo (all of us were drooling at the resources and potential integrations available), in our corner of the universe, we are even more excited to see what Marketo can do for Adobe. We have an energy that’s unrivaled by anyone our industry and Digital Pi is ready to lock arms with our cohorts and prance that enthusiasm down the red brick road to see where it takes us.

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