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While Dynamics CRM is a powerful and capable alternative to Salesforce, it has some important differences, and those nuances can be tricky to navigate when syncing with a Marketo instance.

Syncing Programs to Campaigns

Marketo’s native connector to Dynamics does not support the synchronization of Marketo programs to Dynamics campaigns. In a Salesforce ecosystem, many rely on this Sync to Campaign functionality for campaign-based reporting from their CRM, but the campaign sync is not available in Dynamics. Digital Pi has a solution to sync Marketo programs and members to DCRM campaigns to enable better reporting and insights in Dynamics.

Better Handling of Lead Disqualification

Disqualifying leads with DCRM’s native Disqualify button has an unfortunate side effect—updates from Marketo stop syncing to Dynamics, thus preventing handraisers from reaching Sales. With some thoughtful development, streamlined processes and documented training and SOPs, however, we can help overcome this particular sync issue, enabling leads to be nurtured back through your funnel—and back to Sales.

Optimizing the Marketo Sync

Lookup fields and GUIDs, stakeholders, revenue attribution, field mapping—many companies struggle with these common challenges between their Marketo and Dynamics instances. Luckily, there are also strategies and best practices to overcome limitations and augment native sync capabilities. Understanding your instance’s customizations and business goals are key for our team to help address your specific needs.

Your Marketo-Dynamics Experts

Whether you’re launching Dynamics or migrating from another CRM or Marketo instance, Digital Pi provides technical, operational and strategic marketing services and training to companies wanting to maximize their investment in both Marketo and Dynamics CRM.

Gold Standard

A proven framework that leverages the native capabilities of Marketo, The Gold Standard creates a predictable approach to the process, design and optimization of scalable, repeatable and measurable marketing strategies for B2B and B2C companies—and it perfectly complements standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM for full-funnel visibility and analysis.

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MarTech Strategy: Implement and Maintain

The success of any marketing technology (martech) stack begins with a good implementation. Our proven best practices work towards your business objectives to guide the development of a solid marketing technology foundation, built upon tried-and-true configuration and practical, hands-on training.

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Managed Services

Managed services that meet your business's exact needs. Whether you are looking for a strategic partner that acts as a true extension of your marketing team, and outsourced MOps center of excellence or need support with day-to-day operations, our managed services can be tailored to your requirements, and our team of certified Marketo experts.

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