FLEX Template Services

Bridge the gap between design customization and ease-of-use

Flexible, Agile, Code-free Templates

Put the power back in the hands of marketers with Digital Pi’s proprietary FLEX Framework for Marketo Engage email and landing page designs. There’s no need to know HTML or CSS, or rely on a developer to create unique templates designed for your brand.

FLEX templates work natively within Marketo, so there is no need for third-party integrations or platform subscriptions.  Adoption is quick, and with intuitive, self-explanatory settings and highly customizable drag-and-drop modules, anyone can use FLEX. 

Future-proof development process that supports more than 65 email clients/platforms

Responsive email and landing page templates for mobile users

More than 50 template modules and layouts available

Stretch your creativity, not your time

Drive superior campaign execution.

Unlike other third-party, one-off templates, our FLEX system provides you the building blocks to create the designs of your dreams.

With more than 50 standard template modules and the opportunity for further custom developments, our FLEX templates strike a perfect balance between marketer-friendliness, customization, and viewer experience. Stay on-brand the easy way with default settings customized for your brand. Test design variables with our simplified toggle and drag-and-drop module functionalities to optimize your designs for better campaign results.

It’s easy with FLEX.

Let’s design something beautiful together.

Work natively within Marketo Engage

There’s no need for third-party integrations, subscriptions, or overhead. FLEX was designed to work with Marketo’s native template functionality.

User-friendly drag-and-drop modules

Adoption is quick, and with intuitive, self-explanatory settings and highly customizable drag-and-drop modules, anyone can use FLEX.

Empower your Marketing team

With FLEX, it’s easy to stay on-brand while customizing layouts, swapping sections, or adjusting the details of your email and landing pages to fit your campaign needs.

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