Engage customers at every
stage in their buying journey.


Need an Iterable pro? As an Iterable Partner, we’ve got you covered.

Iterable is a customer engagement platform that gives you powerful insight into your end customers’ digital body language at every stage of their buying cycle. But as with most marketing technology solutions, using Iterable to its full potential comes with a learning curve.


Lifecycle Marketing
Made Easy

Iterable makes lifecycle marketing easy, creating opportunities for you to engage customers at each touchpoint in their buyer journey - from sign-up to checkout and beyond.

Smarter Marketing With AI

Using proprietary algorithms, each user’s digital body language is analyzed to optimize the best time, channel and frequency to engage them for fully automated revenue-driven marketing.

Nurture &
Re-Engage Customers

Stay top-of-mind with targeted sales and announcements, and keep customers coming back for more by reactivating their interest to drive retention and loyalty.

Your Iterable Experts

Whether you’re launching your first Iterable instance, or you want to leverage the platform’s more advanced features, Digital Pi provides technical, operational and strategic marketing services to B2C businesses wanting to get the most out of this cross-channel growth marketing platform.


Gold Standard

A framework that leverages the native capabilities of Iterable, The Gold Standard creates a predictable approach to the process, design and optimization of scalable, repeatable and measurable marketing strategies for B2C companies.


Successful implementation of marketing technology is built on a foundation of configuration and training. As your marketing strategies evolve, we work to continually develop custom programs, tweak strategies and analyze results to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Managed Services

Managed services that meet your business's exact needs. Whether you are looking for a strategic partner that acts as a true extension of your marketing team, or need support with day-to-day operations, our managed services can be customized to your requirements.