Make your marketing technology work for you.

The right martech setup.

Marketing technology success begins with implementation.

Successful implementation of marketing technology is built on a foundation of solid configuration and training, but it doesn’t stop there. As your marketing strategies evolve, so should your martech tools. To get the most out of your investment, you’ll need to continually develop custom programs, tweak strategies and track results. The advantage of tools like Marketo, Iterable and other platforms is that they were created specifically to support scalable, repeatable and measurable marketing, even as your business requirements change and your digital strategy evolves.

But with any martech product, it takes work to make it work for you.

Digital Pi can implement your marketing technology systems in whatever capacity you need:

Setup & Configuration

Audit current system use, develop and document processes, and configure system for optimal performance.


Assist in system selection, develop big-picture strategies, and create custom programs to support business needs.

Training & Support

Ensure long-term success with marketing technology through documented processes, employee training, and ongoing support.

Why Digital Pi? Because We're Marketers & Technologists

Not only do we know the ins and outs, but we know the ups and downs as well. You’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls and navigate the common pain points that come with the embracing marketing technology. Your team will gain confidence as they get familiar with the systems, and we’ll still be here if you get stuck – or when you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level.

Gold Standard

A framework that leverages the native capabilities of Marketo, Iterable and other platforms, The Gold Standard creates a predictable approach to the process, design and optimization of scalable, repeatable and measurable marketing strategies for companies.

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Gold Standard +

We apply our proprietary Gold Standard framework to partner-based solutions to boost clients' strategies related to content (UberFlip), video marketing (23), direct mail (PFL), lead routing (LeanData), and lead integration (Integrate).

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Managed Services

Managed services that meet your business' exact needs. Whether you need a strategic partner to extend your marketing team or need support with day-to-day operations, we can customize our managed services to your requirements.

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