Use Oracle Marketing Cloud
to Make the Most of Your Stack

Eloqua/ Oracle Marketing Cloud

Learning Eloqua is a journey, Digital Pi is your map.

With a platform as powerful as Eloqua, it’s impossible to know if you are using it to its full capabilities. Digital Pi certified consultants can dive into your instance and work with your team to build successful campaigns that lead to stronger analytics, insights, and ROI.

Lead Source Insights

Standardizing lead source triggers and understanding how to implement them is critical to a successful lead source program. Not only can Digital Pi advise, but can help you identify current lead sources being used through a system audit.

UTM and Lead Source

Adding code on Eloqua Landing Pages and setting up form submissions can immediately change performance and metrics. By adding code to landing page templates, we can automatically parse and pass UTM values to Eloqua form fields.

Integration Maintenance and Troubleshooting

There are so many 3rd party tools available such as WebEx, Contact Washing Machine, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, etc. but it can be impossible to identify which will influence positive change. Understand and identify which 3rd party services will meet your needs and how to manage installation, integration, updates and troubleshooting.

Eloqua Experts, At Your Service

Eloqua is a powerful tool that can take years to master. Digital Pi understands Eloqua inside and out. Let us help you determine the right strategy within the platform from inception to execution.

Our Process, Your Success

Digital Pi applies our Gold Standard framework to your instance of Eloqua. By bringing a predictable approach to the process, design, and optimization of scalable, repeatable, you are able to measure marketing for companies of all sizes in all spaces.

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MarTech Strategy: Implement and Maintain

The success of any marketing technology (martech) stack begins with a good implementation. Our proven best practices work towards your business objectives to guide the development of a solid marketing technology foundation, built upon tried-and-true configuration and practical, hands-on training.

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Managed Services

Managed services that meet your business's exact needs. Whether you are looking for a strategic partner that acts as a true extension of your marketing team, and outsourced MOps center of excellence or need support with day-to-day operations, our managed services can be tailored to your requirements, and our team of certified Marketo experts.

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