The Universal Truth of Marketing Automation

July 19, 2013 Bob Gallagher

A universal truth is a statement that all people everywhere can agree with—think the sky is blue and hard work builds character. Marketing automation can significantly increase revenue, strengthen customer bonds, and make sales teams more productive. So how come there is no universal truth for marketing automation?

Marketing automation is still new. It’s grown so fast that the population of people that are well versed in its use is way behind its demand. The promise of marketing automation is real (we’ve seen it!), but newcomer expectations for instant marketing-automation gratification are out of synch with the business reality of what’s required to realize its benefits.

Whatever the reasons for this disconnect, these are facts about marketing automation:

  • It has been one of the fastest growing software segments over the last few years
  • Its adoption is expected to increase to 50% by 2015 (SiriusDecisions)
  • The majority of marketing leaders list “demand generation” as one of their greatest challenges, but most admit they have no good process to manage it.
  • Most buyers start their product or service buying cycle on the Internet weeks or months before any sales people become involved in it.
  • Best-in-class companies that use lead nurturing create 50% more leads at 33% of the cost (Forrester Research)
  • Less than 25% if organizations that have implemented marketing automation have used its full potential (SiriusDecisions)

Without the right skills, organizations that deploy marketing automation are being held back by partial or improperly configured systems. The universal truth about marketing automation is that one-day the required skills will be plentiful, but the organizations that forged ahead now will be the ones leading their respective packs.

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