Marketing Technology Insights: The Marketer’s Essential Marketing Technology Stack

June 14, 2013 Jeff Coveney

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The marketer’s essential marketing technology stack is:

  • Marketing Automation: The organizations who can adopt and master it fastest will be the ones that outpace their competition. As with everything, of course, if the attempts at marketing automation do not align with marketing and business objectives, then it will probably be a waste of time.
  • Content Management: What also makes content management systems powerful from the marketer’s perspective is the ability to create websites with dynamic, personalized content. A (good) CMS provides marketers with the tools needed to create a very specific user experience and engagement plan. Marketers can effectively map out the paths they want their visitors to take when they visit the organization’s web site.
  • Portals and Collaboration:  Another type of portal is a sales portal. Employees can log in and see the progress of the other salespersons in the organization. It has a competitive aspect, and this type of portal isn’t limited to just the sales department. The portal could represent how each franchisee is performing in the region and other franchisees can compete to increase their revenue or decrease whatever negative metric they want. Perhaps a law firm has a portal that keeps track of all the cases acquired and won per lawyer, and when each lawyer logs in to the portal, they are notified of their current standing.
  • Social Media: You’ve probably seen it before, but if you’ve ever opted to “log in with Facebook account” on a website, you just participated in a marketer’s attempt to better understand you as a user. Marketing can collect valuable data from their users by integrating social into their digital marketing plans. Not only that, but marketers can then recognize and better serve users as they hop through different channels – both socially and internally. 

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