Jan Leonhard

Marketing Automation nerd, with a deep database foundation, who is all about the data! Proven abilities include: creating strategies for marketing automation platforms by assessing current set up, applying best practices, overseeing all online data capture and optimization, and owning the data flow through sales and marketing systems. Troubleshooting issues that arise. Analyzing & reporting on data in the sales and marketing systems. Proficient at using Iterable, Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce, DemandTools, PeopleImport, Excel, PowerPoint, Oracle Database/SQL. Successfully able to manage multiple concurrent, complex projects while meeting all deadlines. Able to learn quickly, act independently, take initiative and drive tasks and issues to resolution. Industries: Software, Commerce, Telecom, Health Care, Finance, Trading, Logistics, Truck Manufacturing.

  • MAP Migration - Data Cleanliness

    MAP Migration - Data Cleanliness

    Clean data is always important, but it becomes paramount when approaching a migration as you want to only map/transpose and move the very best records.

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  • MAP Migration - Channels and Conventions

    MAP Migration - Channels and Conventions

    Start by focusing on what you are trying to solve for. And believe it or not, the answer is actionable reporting on ROI! Your company needs to generate revenue; and specific to marketing, you need to

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  • Need to Migrate your MAP? Start Here

    Need to Migrate your MAP? Start Here

    There are many complex tasks that are included in your MAP migration project plan; that’s why we’ve put together a deep dive MAP migration blog series! Be on the lookout for the next blog that takes a

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  • Marketing Automation Platforms are a Lot Like Houses

    Marketing Automation Platforms are a Lot Like Houses

    Many companies are acquisition oriented these days. Their growth strategy is to acquire one or more companies each year. If you work at one of these companies, then you know all about

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