Mike Rizzo

Sr. Mgr. Client Services

Mike brings experience from a variety of different marketing teams, including fast-paced startups, large organizations, and client services. He is a New York native now living in New York City and received a bachelor’s degree from Sacred Hearty University. He brings a ton of enthusiasm for increasing the performance of Marketo, designing emails, acquiring actionable data, and solving problems.

Previously, Mike worked in marketing operations for RealMatch and Grovo, two B2B tech startups where he implemented, managed, and built-out the Marketo platform, along with leading additional demand generation initiatives. He also worked at Experian Marketing Services managing the AT&T account, overseeing all email execution, reporting and troubleshooting.

When he’s not talking about marketing, he’s most likely talking about food or being active somewhere outside.


Implementing a results-driven email testing plan

HTML and CSS edits

Analyzing and Optimizing the performance of a Marketo instance