Jessica Gericke

Director Client Services

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Jessica is a Marketo Certified Expert with a real passion for Marketing Automation. She is a Northern California native and Cal Poly, SLO graduate with a BS in International Business. She brings a passion for software and a talent for solving puzzles. Driven by a desire to exceed expectations, Jessica thrives in a challenging environment and her strong analytical skills are well balanced by a love of design.

Prior to starting at Digital Pi, Jessica wore a number of hats at Extole, Inc., including Marketo expert, SEM manager, Social Media Marketing maven and general Marketing Operations pro. Having joined the team at their start, she was able to watch and learn the ins and outs of a startup firsthand.


Manufacturing a Marketo foundation that not only gets the job done today, but can stand the test of time

Building nurture programs from the ground up, with strong content strategies

Tinkering in Photoshop