A team that works. Together.

Our Team

We are a team of driven marketing professionals who love marketing, technology, people and
problem solving. We work with B2B and B2C marketers to define their endgame, and implement strategic solutions to achieve these goals.

Digital Pi’s team includes highly skilled Marketo Certified Experts, Marketo Champions, marketing technologists, and industry leaders in marketing automation and demand generation. Our members have all previously served in marketing roles with a responsibility for driving revenue. As marketers first, we are deeply engaged with each project. Most importantly, every member of the Digital Pi team is passionate about their discipline and dedicated to customer success.

Ryan Vong


Bill Lundy


Tom Grubb


Ari Milstein


Jeff Coveney

Executive Vice President

We are like-minded professionals who love marketing, technology, people and solving problems.”

John Muehling

Vice President Strategy

Vivi Gehan

Vice President of Services & Operations

Bob Gallagher

Chief Marketing Technologist

Danielle Parlier

Sr. Director Client Services

Mark Steinmetz

Director Client Services

Peter Liske

Marketing Technologist

Cristin Davis

Sr. Mgr. Client Services

Jessica Gericke

Director Client Services

Nicole Burns

Sr. Account Director

We believe the best outcomes happen through collaboration and teamwork.”

Janet Couch


Jessica Kao

Director Client Services

Beth Standefer


Dave Roberts


Kurt Koller

Chief Software Architect

Mike Rizzo

Sr. Mgr. Client Services

We help marketers define the outcomes they want, and do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals.”

Lauren McWilliams

Director Client Services

Jon Bourne

Director Client Services

Ginger Wilson

Director Client Services

Stephanie Green

Client Services Manager

Megan Heidmiller

Client Services Manager

Claudia Kulaga

Sr. Mgr. Client Services

Stephen Provenzano


Rachel Noble

Client Services Manager

Ursula Ottman

Account Director

Jackie Ferguson

Client Services Manager

Stephanie Azores

Client Services Manager

Ande Kempf

Client Services Manager

Jenn DiMaria

Sr. Mgr. Client Services

Mary Rouzer

Client Services Manager

Rachel Dagesse

Front End Web Developer

Luke Wakefield

Client Services Manager

Kyle Freitas

Client Services Manager

Augie Kuron

Client Services Manager

A perfect fit.

Digital Pi is a collaborative team with rich and diverse skills. We value transparency and collaboration, and our respect and genuine desire to bring out the best shows in everything we do. Sound like you? Join the team!