Mission control for Marketo

Omega is the first diagnostic application for Marketo

OMEGA gives Marketo users insights that help them correct problems, improve performance, and gain insightful metrics into marketing operations. Custom built for Marketo and the rest of your marketing stack components, OMEGA is the tool that Digital Pi refers to as ‘mission control.’ OMEGA provides key operational insights in one place, so leveraging it can enable marketing teams to see into their operating environment and predict issues ranging from performance bottlenecks and rogue campaigns, to processes that are running when they shouldn’t be. Whether you need to find the source of duplicate records, or determine how 3rd party APIs are affecting the database, OMEGA has got your back.

What % of updates are from SFDC?
What fields are being updated?
What is the top lead source for my duplicates?
Why is my Marketo suddenly slowing down?

OMEGA Has The Answers

OMEGA analyzes this activity data outside of Marketo. Built specifically to complement Marketo, it removes the
limitations on your data. The valuable answers that were locked away are suddenly set free. It’s a new way to not
only see all your Marketo activities, but also to understand them.


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This tool has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting our performance issues. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone experiencing delays in their Marketo performance and looking for a way to resolve it.

– Christina Gonsalves / Product Marketing Operations Manager, Adobe Document Cloud

Over the past 4 years, we have tons of Marketo data. This helps us see what we might not be easily seeing since we have many users across multiple regions who use Marketo.

– Jennifer Clegg / Director, Marketing Automation & Technology, CA Technologies

As organizations are bringing in more applications into their MarTech stack, this type of high-fidelity data becomes critical to the business. Without it, we’re essentially drawing conclusions from a small finite set of data which is error prone.

– Ryan Vong / CEO, Digital Pi

Digital Pi should sell Omega to Marketo. It’s a tool all Marketo customers need. We didn’t realize our volume of data values changes were clogging the system and delaying opportunity data by 30+ days. With Omega, we reduced daily sync activities by 300% in 45 days. Now, critical opportunity data has resurfaced to provide insights that guide our investment decisions.

– David Pitta, Chief Marketing Officer at BrightTalk