OCTOBER 18, 2022





Whether you're new to marketing automation or you're a long-time Marketo Engage user, we've got tips and tricks to help you do even more with your marketing automation investment.

The 4th Annual Marketo Top Tips Event was hosted virtually October 18th, 2022. We addressed the key areas of Marketo Engage as well as customizations and integrations to help users create an instance that fits their exact business needs. Our expert marketing consultants were joined by marketing thought leaders from Adobe and Nexthink. Past guests have included Adobe, Workato, ZoomInfo and MO Pros.

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The Odd Couple: Efficiency and Innovation CAN Co-exist

Abby Koble

Head of Global Marketing Operations and Technology, Nexthink

Nathan Horan

Senior Manager of Client Services, Digital Pi

There’s been a ton of talk, articles, and webinars about The Great Resignation, and the fallout that can put remaining teammates in burnout mode or cause them to jump-ship as well. But how do you mitigate disruptions when your ops needs are bigger than the team supporting them? How do you achieve campaign success while also paying attention to strategy and analytics? In this session, learn about:

  • The importance of a full systems and process audit to reveal opportunities for optimization and streamlining the race to GoToMarket
  • Why campaign support from an extended team allows employees to up-level, train, and focus on their core competencies
  • How working with a team of experts can lead to successes with like a fully scoped maturity model, lead scoring and lifecycle updates, an algorithm that digs deep into email performance and the time back for innovation


Start With An Assessment

Headshot of Claudia Kulaga
Claudia Kulaga

Senior Manager of Client Services, Digital Pi

Do you have a sneaky suspicion that your Marketo instance isn’t set up as well as it could be? Can you not trust the data that comes out of it? Are you puzzled when the system seems super slow for no apparent reason? Is the person who built or managed the instance long gone and with them, any knowledge of “why” things were set up the way they were? If you’ve inherited a Marketo instance you’re not confident in, you’re not alone! Join us for tips and tricks about:

  • Capturing the current state of your technology and how systems are working together
  • Identifying and aligning your automation platform with business goals and objectives
  • Key areas of focus/ where to start with your internal assessments


Freeing Emails From Code: Enabling Marketers to Consider Content First

Melissa Newman-Evans

Manager of Client Services, Digital Pi

Your marketing content shouldn’t be hobbled by forcing it into an inflexible email template, and coding a new email template every time you want new styling can slow a marketing department to a crawl–and there are a multitude of pitfalls that are easy to make when you’re building emails inside of any template, no matter how good it is.

This session is for the code-curious or code-savvy marketer to dive in-depth into creating a flexible email template with robust variables and dynamic snippets, and for anyone who wants to explore the why behind the most common mistakes in email design.


Dynamic Chat: Adobe's Answer to Conversation Marketing

Sreekanth Reddy

Senior Product Manager, Adobe

Headshot of Jeff Coveney
Jeff Coveney

Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Pi

Chat for support can be a wonderful thing: quick answers and problems solved. But what happens when chat goes further, and instead of a quick stop for support, it becomes a tool for conversation with those that aren’t quite ready to convert? Does conversation marketing lead to cross-channel marketing and ultimately, to leads? In this session, we hear straight from Adobe’s Sreekanth Reddy about how Dynamic Chat is poised to help you reach more people, and ultimately boost conversions. Top Tips include:

  • Review of what conversation marketing is and how it impacts multi-channel campaigns
  • Demo of Dynamic chat key features and tips for building a smart chat workflow
  • Tips to assess if your company is ready for chat
  • How to use chat to tap into leads


Digital Pi's Marketo Wishlist - Big Ideas for the Next Rev of Marketo

Headshot of Tom Grubb
Tom Grubb

Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Pi

There’s a lot that Marketo can do, but we all have a wish list of additional features, reports, and tools to take it further. In preparation for this session, Tom Grubb, Digital Pi’s Chief Strategy Officer, has reached out to our team of over 50 Marketo experts to understand our favorite features and what we wish for in the future. Join us as we discuss what Marketo can do next!


The Marketo Top Tips Event (MTTE) is a FREE, multi-session virtual event dedicated to helping you harness the power of Adobe Marketo Engage with sessions presented by expert marketing technologists and industry thought leaders.

The Marketo Top Tips Event is ideal for Marketo admins, marketing operations managers, and other marketing automation practitioners. CMOs can also benefit by gaining a better understanding of how marketing automation can help you achieve your goals.

We’ll focus on Adobe Marketo Engage, but many of the strategies shared can be applied to other platforms including Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce Pardot.

Registration is free and the virtual event can be accessed from any computer or GoToWebinar-enabled device.

Register here to for both Day 1 and Day 2 of the Marketo Top Tips Event. All registrants will receive access to the on-demand recordings of the event.

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Additionally, all registrants will receive access to the on-demand recordings of the event.

Yes, sessions will be recorded and available on-demand after the event. Please register here to receive access to both the live event and on-demand recordings.

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