NOVEMBER 9-10, 2021




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[Keynote] The Future of B2B and Marketo Engage

Michael McLaren

Global CEO, MerkleB2B

Jon Miller

Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Demandbase

Ryan Vong

CEO & Founder, Digital Pi

Jeff Coveney

CMO, Digital Pi

CX, CDP, ABM. We’re surrounded by buzzwords, opinions, and a lot of questions. Listen to marketing leaders from Demandbase, MerkleB2B and Digital Pi examine the state of Marketing Operations and how Marketo Engage fits into the complex puzzle.

  • How do B2B trends impact your business?
  • How will B2B evolve with Marketo Engage in 2022?
  • What does the next generation of MOps look like?

[Keynote 2] The Future: Martech that Matters

Mike Rizzo

Founder, MO Pros

Craig Howard

Vice President, Technology,
Chief Solution Architect, Merkle

Ryan Vong

CEO & Founder, Digital Pi

Jeff Coveney

CMO, Digital Pi

In our day 1 keynote, we covered the future of B2B and upcoming trends, but if technology is the key to unlocking the potential of these trends, where do you focus? Where do you invest? 

Join Digital Pi’s CEO, Ryan Vong and Merkle’s Chief Solution Architect, Craig Howard as they answer these questions in Keynote 2 and talk all things technology and Marchitecture.

Top Tips include:

  • How to navigate the increasingly complex Martech ecosystem
  • Keys to planning for the future of CDP (and where it fits with Marketo)
  • Pitfalls to avoid when building out your Martech strategy
  • Tips for expanding your Martech knowledge to move ahead in your career

Be a Marketing Show-Off: Create Killer SDFC Dashboards with Marketo Data

Tom Grubb

CSO, Digital Pi

You get more from your marketing when everyone can see and use marketing insights in Salesforce. SFDC Campaigns provide a simple and elegant way to visualize Lead and Contact engagement in dashboards and reports in surprisingly useful ways. Learn this simple approach to using Marketo Programs synced with SFDC Campaigns to become a marketing show-off — in the best way.

Take the Stress Out of Marketo Template Design

Frank Carpenter

Senior Marketing Automation Manager, Five9, Inc.

Ella Bendrick-Chartier

Manager, Client Success, Digital Pi

Danielle Orr

Senior Account Director, Digital Pi

As a Marketo practitioner, you know the drill: clone an email or landing page and plug and play the new content in. But, maybe this week you are featuring 3 speakers instead of 2 in your webinar, or sending out an ebook instead of a newsletter, and your plug-and-play idea just went out the window. In this session, we’ll share strategies for creating flexible, modular email templates that work at the speed of marketing. Top Tips include:
  • Ways to use Marketo templates that improve your time-to-launch and increase your ability to think “outside the module”
  • Demos of FLEX templates allow for consistent branding across a variety of outputs (emails, newsletters, landing pages etc.)

10 Steps to Improve Marketo Data Quality

Elliott Lowe

Director, Marketing Operations, ZoomInfo

There’s a lot of buzz about the orchestrated experience, but what exactly is DATA orchestration and, how can it improve your data routing?

In this session, we will discuss how to ensure the best data gets into your system, for the best results. Top Tips include:

  • How to optimize Salesforce and Marketo processes to reduce duplicates and normalize data
  • Why data quality is critical to your marketing technology ecosystem
  • Tricks for creating Marketo Programs that get your data clean
  • How to create Sales & Marketing Segments (Job Role, Territory, etc.) to improve nurture programs

Marketo Frameworks: A Cheat Sheet to Building a Killer Instance

Vivi Gehan

Vice President, Digital Pi

Jessica Gericke

Senior Director, Client Services, Digital Pi

Whether you’re beginning your journey with a MAP from scratch, migrating from another platform, or optimizing an existing one, the word framework is probably something you are familiar with. But why is it so important to build your system based on someone else’s best practices?

Top Tips include:

  • Lessons learned and success story of Digital Pi client Bishop Fox in their implementation
  • How to get accurate data that can be used to prove influence and show ROI, you must be able to track your efforts properly
  • Why leverage a tried-and-true framework to scale your business

How Healthy is Your Marketo Instance?​

Jenna Borrelli

Manager, Client Services, Digital Pi

Got leads? Know how they came in? Know where they are in your nurture process? Know how to score them?

If you answered yes, then bravo! But, it’s most likely that you aren’t quite clear on these answers and lead processes. We find, more times than not, that when it comes to lead management marketers face more questions than answers.

So, how do you get clarity on your process and determine where you can improve?

Top Tips include:

  • Why lead management stumps marketers and is one of the most complex processes every business faces
  • Tricks to uncovering your process based on lessons learned from Digital Pi Client projects
  • How an assessment works and why, even if you did answer yes to the above, it’s always a good idea to direct, learn, and improve

More than MOPS: Wall-to-Wall Automations​

David Kreitter

Head of Marketing Operations, Workato

If you’re not working closely with CS, HR, IT, and Finance, then you’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with your marketing automation platform. Join Workato’s marketing automation expert, David Kreitter, to learn how integrating teams and tools both within marketing and cross-functionally can increase your team’s impact and earn visibility across your business. After this session, you will:
  • Be empowered to drive collaboration across your business using integration & automation
  • Get a new perspective on marketing automation by considering how you can use Marketo in other business processes like recruiting
  • Understand how to close the attribution gap between event lead and closed-won deals (event-to-cash)

Custom Development: "I didn't know you could do that in Marketo!"

Peter Liske

Director, Marketing Technology, Digital Pi

There’s so much more you can do inside Marketo with custom development, but where do you start? Put on your “developer” hat when you attend this session and see where you can take your instance further. Top Tips include:
  • How to streamline the deployment of localized forms in various languages
  • A breakdown of UTM tracking and custom unsubscribe as it relates to forms
  • How bulk API updates, bulk cloning, and program tagging can bring efficiencies to your Marketo management

Center of Excellence: Tips to Scale your MOps in 2022

Michael Turner

Senior Director, Marketing Strategy, Merkle

Ryan Vong

CEO & Founder, Digital&Pi

Marketing automation platforms like Marketo Engage offer marketers huge advantages in efficiency and performance. Yet, many companies struggle to manage and operate these platforms at the speed and scale their businesses demand.

In this session, we’ll unpack some of the main challenges holding MOps professionals back, and share tips and tricks that can help you avoid common stumbling blocks. You’ll come away with fresh insights and an action plan for managing your marketing operations with greater efficiency and agility.

Top Tips include:

  • Keys to aligning one of the biggest gaps: people and process
  • How to gain efficiencies and streamline your MOPs process
  • When to consider adopting a Center of Excellence (COE)
    Tips to assess your company’s demand generation maturity

Use Video Data to Generate, Score, and Convert More Leads

Casper Frid

Video Marketing Strategist, TwentyThree

Jeff Coveney

CMO, Digital Pi

Video data from Youtube and third-party solutions is the secret weapon for powering demand generation initiatives. This rich video data helps fuel a better customer experience to attract, identify and engage your audience.

In this session, Top Tips include:

  • How to track Youtube in Marketo (Yes, you can do that!)
  • Keys to setting Marketo programs to track video engagement
  • Techniques to lead score based on video interaction
  • Skills to help you expose video intelligence in interesting moments
  • Methods for leveraging rich behavioral data through the whole funnel


Whether you're new to marketing automation or you're a long-time Marketo Engage user, we've got tips and tricks to help you do even more with your marketing automation investment.

The 3rd Annual Marketo Top Tips Event will be hosted virtually November 9 and 10, 2021. We’ll address key areas of Marketo Engage as well as customizations and integrations to help you create an instance that fits your exact business needs. Our expert marketing consultants will be joined by marketing thought leaders, partners, and experienced practitioners from ZoomInfo, Workato, TwentyThree, and more!

You'll leave with insights and new ideas that you can take back to your team for quick wins and long-term, scalable success.

Here’s a look at some of the session topics:


Identify the right combination of people and processes to increase efficiency and achieve your goals

Lead Nurturing

Optimize your nurture sequences so you know exactly where your leads are at all times

Scalable Framework

Leverage a proven framework for a strong foundation today—and steady growth tomorrow

Balanced Martech

Centralize Marketo Engage with simplified integrations to other martech—without a developer

Creative Templates

Employ modular templates that reduce build time while creating a seamless, branded UX


Create a truly customized instance including form functionality, UTM capture, bulk API and scripts

Day 1 - November 9

Day 2 - November 10


Just because we can’t meet in person this year doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to connect with fellow Marketo practitioners and marketing pros. Consider turning on your camera and joining us for networking and office hours. 

NETWORKING - 11.9.21 - 5:00pm ET

Make Real Connections in the Virtual World

Cameras on!

Marketing Ops and Marketo Engage users are two very active communities online. 

We’ll take a few minutes to highlight ways to stay connected in the virtual world and get to know your fellow MTTE attendees over your choice of beverages.

ASK THE EXPERTS- 11.10.21 - 4:00pm ET

Live QA: Digital Pi Experts Available On-Demand

Something got you stumped? Ask our expert consultants!


Michael McLaren

Global CEO,
Merkle B2B Group
Michael is a passionate and dynamic leader with over 20 years of experience in the integrated marketing communications business. In his role as Global CEO of Merkle B2B, Michael has demonstrated a proven capability to build businesses, nurture client relationships. drive digital engagement, embrace and exploit technology innovation, convert new business opportunities, develop high-performing teams, and empower great people.

Jeff Coveney

Digital Pi
Jeff Coveney is an accomplished marketing expert with more than 20 years success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology organizations. Marketo has honored Coveney as one of the world’s top 50 Marketo professionals by naming him to the 2013 Marketo Champion Elite class.

Vivi Gehan

Vice President,
Digital Pi
Vivi brings over 10 years of marketing and consulting experience, along with over 15 years of education and training. Prior to becoming a consultant, Vivi managed marketing programs and operations for Xactly Corporation for 4 years, and has focused on consulting and training in Marketo and SFDC since 2012.

David Kreitter

Head of Marketing Operations,
David has spoken internationally at Marketo User Group events and racked up a long list of credentials, including Marketo Certified Expert (inaugural class), Marketo Champion ('13), Marketo Certified Revenue Analyst, Marketo Certified Solutions Architect, and Adobe Certified Subject Matter Expert. David recently left his post at Adobe to join partner organization Workato, where he continues to work with some of the most sophisticated MOPS teams on the planet to expand their purview and take Automation to new heights.

Peter Liske

Director, Marketing Technology,
Digital Pi
Peter is a Marketo Certified Expert that loves getting applications and data silos to talk to one another, solving problems in Marketo that “they” said could not be done. Along with marketing experience, Peter has in-depth experience in data analytics, web application architecture, application integration and data security, including experience at ThreatMetrix, Vormetric, WebMethods and Oracle.

Ella Bendrick-Chartier

Manager, Client Success,
Digital Pi
Ella comes to Digital Pi with the firm belief that the value of any solution comes from how the capabilities are applied to your unique business model and customized for your needs. With over 5 years of experience in Marketing Automation and Advertising Technology, Ella is technically minded and data driven.

Jessica Dobson

Manager, Demand Generation
Digital Pi
A 3x Marketo Certified Expert and MCI Certified Consultant, Jessica has nearly a decade of experience with demand generation, marketing automation, social media management and event coordination. Prior to joining the Digital Pi Team, she worked in both agency and client-side roles for companies ranging from high-growth start-ups to multinational enterprises.

Ryan Vong

Digital Pi
Digital Pi founder Ryan Vong puts his twenty years of marketing experience to work helping companies transform digital marketing strategy into execution and results. One of the first Marketo Champions, Ryan is a pioneer in marketing automation.

Tom Grubb

Digital Pi
Tom brings over twenty years of marketing executive leadership to Digital Pi, including VP Product Marketing at Marketo, co-founder of Bluecurve, ThreatMetrix, Induit, and CA Technologies. Tom loves helping companies solve big marketing problems using his experience, technical skills, and outsider perspective. He is an intent listener who constantly probes ideas and assumptions to drive to the best outcomes.

Michael Turner

Senior Director, Marketing Strategy

Mike Rizzo

MO Pros

Claudia Kulaga

Solution Architect,
Digital Pi
Claudia is a Marketo Certified Expert with over 9 years of B2B marketing experience. Prior to joining Digital Pi, Claudia worked in both agency and client-side roles for companies ranging from high-growth start-ups and SMBs to multinational enterprises. She completed her MBA in International Business in 2007 graduating from Temple University’s Global MBA program.

Jon Bourne

Senior Director, Client Services,
Digital Pi
Jon Bourne is a marketer with a varied background in technology, design, agency consulting and direct sales. He brings his technical background together with branding and marketing savvy to deliver return-oriented strategies that drive top-line growth and create efficiencies and cost savings for client companies—turning marketing organizations from cost centers to profit centers.

Adam Enright

Senior Manager, Client Services,
Digital Pi

Jenna Borrelli

Manager, Client Services,
Digital Pi
Jenna is a Marketo Certified Expert and best practices aficionado! She loves diving into clients' instances to help organize, optimize, and strategize on better marketing operations practices. Jenna enjoys working on a range of projects from assessments to campaign engagement to implementing gold-standard program setups. She understands the importance of having holistic marketing knowledge and business acumen to better support marketing automation initiatives.

Jon Miller

Chief Marketing and Product Officer,
Jon is a marketing entrepreneur and thought leader. He is currently the Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Demandbase, the leading account-based marketing platform. Previously, Jon was the CEO and founder of Engagio (acquired by Demandbase) and was co-founder at Marketo (Nasdaq:MKTO), a leader in marketing automation.

Craig Howard

Vice President, Technology,
Chief Solution Architect, Merkle
Craig leads Merkle’s solution architecture team, which is responsible for design of marketing technology solutions for all practices as well as providing thought leadership, innovation, and architectural standards to enable solution deployments.

Craig has 20 years of experience delivering multi-channel enterprise marketing systems. During his time at Merkle, he has led technology CRM engagements for clients such as Samsung, Transamerica, DIRECTV, Taco Bell, SoFi, PNC Bank, and others.

Elliott Lowe

Director, Marketing Operations,
Elliott Lowe is a three-time Marketp champion that helped design the RingLead DMS solution integration with Marketo. Additionally, Elliott has provided onboarding and Marketo consulting services for clients such as Commvault, Pandora, AdRoll and Plantronics while creating product marketing content, and Marketo training and demo videos.

Casper Frid

Video Marketing Strategist,
Casper is a Copenhagen based digital strategist, and Global Enterprise Sales Manager. With a background in Social Media, Marketing and Sales Management, Casper combines knowledge from all areas to push you as a listener to create even better results in your marketing through data, relevant cases and the opportunities in the tech space.

Frank Carpenter

Senior Marketing Automation Manager,
Five9, Inc.
Frank is a strategic adviser in demand generation, marketing automation, and marketing operations with an impeccable reputation for transforming business goals into gains that help drive growth and success.

Jessica Gericke

Senior Director, Client Services,
Digital Pi
Jessica is a Marketo Certified Expert with a real passion for Marketing Automation. She is a Northern California native and Cal Poly, SLO graduate with a BS in International Business. She brings a passion for software and a talent for solving puzzles. Driven by a desire to exceed expectations, Jessica thrives in a challenging environment and her strong analytical skills are well balanced by a love of design.

Danielle Orr

Senior Account Director
Digital Pi
Prior to joining Digital Pi, Danielle was on the Marketo sales team, so it was a natural move to join Digital Pi and continue helping marketers achieve their wildest marketing dreams! During her tenure at Marketo, she learned a lot about the product and its capabilities. Danielle knew Marketo was not an out-of-the-box solution, so she joined Digital Pi to help enable marketing teams of all sizes to optimize their Marketo.



The Marketo Top Tips Event (MTTE) is a FREE, 2-day, multi-session virtual event dedicated to helping you harness the power of Adobe Marketo Engage with sessions presented by expert marketing technologists and industry thought leaders.
The Marketo Top Tips Event is ideal for Marketo admins, marketing operations managers, and other marketing automation practitioners. CMOs can also benefit by gaining a better understanding of how marketing automation can help you achieve your goals.

We’ll focus on Adobe Marketo Engage, but many of the strategies shared can be applied to other platforms including Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce Pardot.

Registration is free and the virtual event can be accessed from any laptop or Zoom-enabled device.

UPDATE – On-demand recordings will be available here soon. 

Register here to for both Day 1 and Day 2 of the Marketo Top Tips Event. All registrants will receive access to the on-demand recordings of the event.

Marketo Top Tips Event live sessions will be broadcast via Zoom Events. Please ensure you have installed the latest version of Zoom before joining. Additionally, all registrants will receive access to the on-demand recordings of the event.

Yes, sessions will be recorded and available on-demand after the event. Please register here to receive access to both the live event and on-demand recordings.

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