Working from Home: How to stay productive and engaged from your home office!

Working from Home: How to stay productive and engaged from your home office!

Working from home? So are we!

As a longstanding 100% virtual company, working from the safety (and comfort!) of our homes is something we are used to – but many people are now experiencing remote work for the first time.

At the request of some of our clients, we recently hosted a Remote Work Roundtable where we offered some advice on how to stay productive and positive while working from home and we’ve decided to take it digital in this ebook.

This ebook is a collection of some of the best tips and tricks—and trials and tribulations—of our team of work-from-home professionals. From wildlife encounters to shower mishaps and everything in between, you will laugh and cringe through this insightful collection of WFH stories.

Table of contents

Here’s what’s inside:

Lessons Learned

Being a productive and engaged employee from your home office. Finding the balance between professional
productivity and the distractions of personal life.

Wacky work-from-home moments

You may be fully prepared and focused on work, but the outside world often has different plans. Whether your sitter cancels, your dog barks at the mailman during a conference call, or you forget to change out of your pajama bottoms before standing up on a video chat, certain experiences remind you that you’re never fully in control! Here are some moments when things didn’t go as planned for our team.

Random thoughts on working from home

We’ve seen some major changes in routine and approach that may have caused a shock to your system! Our team shares some of their musings about the work-from-home lifestyle.

We’re here to help

Share your work-from-home story, tap into our other WFH resources, or reach out for help or just to talk shop. We’re here for you.

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