Build a best-in-class marketing team! 7 essential roles to fuel your digital transformation

What should my digital transformation team look like? See the seven key roles you should consider for building your digital transformation.

Building the digital marketing dream team

So you’ve decided to overhaul your digital marketing strategy.

Perhaps you’re considering adopting a new marketing technology solution, or it’s time to update your existing software. Maybe you’re ready to experiment with modern marketing channels and want to be sure you’re doing it right. Whatever your goal, you need human support to make it happen. You need a stellar team in your corner, and you may find you need to reorganize, hire, or outsource talent to get there.

Questions like “what’s different about a modern marketing team?” and “how do we leverage internal team members vs external expertise?” are commonplace among our clients when we’re helping them build their team. Although the answers can vary, there is one common theme to the solution: put team members in roles where they can succeed.

Finding the right fit

In our experience, the best organizations recognize that a team approach to digital transformation success is ideal. We usually see at least seven different roles that play key parts in that process. As you read through these seven essential marketing roles, consider your current team members’ functions, strengths and weaknesses. You may already have many of these roles effectively covered. You may have opportunities to shift people or functions around to better support your digital transformation strategy. Or, you may need to hire additional people or use external sources to fill other roles. If you find you need guidance through the process, check out the end of this ebook to learn more about how partnering with Digital Pi can support your team’s scale strategy.

Finding the right person for each role is extremely important. A “jack of all trades, master of none” approach usually doesn’t work. Most marketers tend to be creative or analytical, but not both. When companies try to force people into roles that are unnatural, they often encounter challenges with their digital transformations.

The digital transformation process

  • Building your digital marketing dream team
  • Finding the right members to fit with your digital marketing team and its needs
  • The evolution of the modern digital marketing team
  • Executive buy-in and cross-departmental alignment
  • Key stakeholders from marketing, IT and management
  • Which management roles are key to digital transformation
  • Establishing the vision of digital transformation
  • Developing marketing strategy to support digital transformation
  • Driving coordinated change across the organization
  • Technology strategy and architecture to fuel growth
  • Driving tactical day-to-day successes in marketing operations
  • Creating campaigns to support your organization’s business objectives
  • Make data-driven decisions through analysis and insights
  • Taking stock and getting started on your digital marketing transformation journey

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