Lead Lifecycle Reporting Sets Data-Driven Marketing Strategy at Availity

The Problem

With over 2.5 million contacts in Availity’s CRM database, you can imagine the complexities of segmenting and communicating with their customers and prospects. In 2014, Rod Sonneborn, Availity’s Marketing Operations Manager, discovered a data synch problem between the company’s CRM solution (Salesforce) and their marketing automation platform (Marketo). Sonneborn knew that the system needed improvements and that he was going to have to enlist some help to make them.

Engaging with a Partner

He asked Digital Pi CEO Ryan Vong to assess the situation. Vong spent extensive time diagnosing the synchronization issues and soon realized that the problems were deeper than expected and that Sonneborn would need to revamp the entire underlying structure of the automation system.

The Solution

The only solution was to start from scratch with a new instance of Marketo. Going forward, Sonneborn was committed to making sure that the data synch problem was not replicated, and engaged Digital Pi to handle the entire implementation of the new instance of Marketo.

Digital Pi also helped Availity create a lead lifecycle process that made sense for the company. For Sonneborn, the conceptual overview Digital Pi provided was invaluable. “They walked through a lead flow, starting from when a prospect first visited the website until it became a marketing-qualified lead,” said Sonneborn. “They helped us understand that the lead flow doesn’t trigger just one thing; it triggers three. We had a much better idea of how to look at first touch and multi-touch attribution and how to set up our tags.”

The final phase of the implementation focused on reporting. Here, Digital Pi helped Availity understand the Revenue Cycle Explorer (RCE) from Marketo and walked them through the analytics and reporting capabilities.

“As part of our engagement with Digital Pi, we went with their Gold Standard Implementation where they helped us to set up our instance of Marketo correctly from square one. They looked at the underlying structure to make sure what we did made sense not just for the immediate need, but also to understand how it was moving downstream.”

Rod Sonneborn, Availity

The Results

Digital Pi’s expertise and depth of product knowledge ensured that the marketing automation architecture was set up correctly and aligned with Availity’s business processes. By defining the lead lifecycle along with lead routing, Digital Pi brought a new level of visibility and insight to this fastgrowing health care firm’s vast marketing programs.

Positive Impacts

Increased marketing ROI

By aligning marketing metrics with the company’s strategic objectives, Availity was able to make better decisions on marketing spend.

Improved lead tracking

By understanding how a contact moves through its sales cycle, Availity has been able to score leads more effectively and improve sales efficiency.

Achieved marketing operational excellenece

Digital Pi’s extensive training and support helped the Availity team implement best practices across the marketing organization.

Demonstrated marketing influence

With additional reporting capabilities, Availity has been able to provide better insight into the success of its marketing campaigns.

“Digital Pi hires really smart people who understand business processes and can answer any question, even if you ask something outside of the box. They were focused on our success.”

Rod Sonneborn, Marketing Operations Manager, Availity

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