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Scaling Digital Marketing From Launch Through Growth for Snowflake

Digital Pi successfully implemented Marketo before Snowflake’s launch, as planned. Bock observed, “we had everything in place from day one, and we were able to build on top of the solid foundation that Digital Pi created.” After Snowflake launched, Digital Pi provided complete Marketo services and support to meet their day-to-day marketing operation and campaign development requirements.


Visibility into Lead Lifecycle
Accelerates Sales Growth for HelloSign

Digital Pi helped us make better decisions faster, by being able to measure and know what is having an impact. It has been great for morale, too. The effect has been that everyone can now see the value of their work. Our insights into the customer lifecycle has helped our leadership team make more balanced resource investment decisions across the funnel and not just simply invest at the top of the funnel.


Simplified Marketing Operations Improves Measurement, Shortens Sales Cycle for Pepperdata

Coupling an insightful lead lifecycle process with a standardized and scalable work flow, Digital Pi brought a new level of simplicity and sophistication to this fast- growing company’s marketing efforts. For Pepperdata, the expertise and consistent client communication were also critical to project success. Pepperdata quickly saw both quantitative and qualitative business impact from its work with Digital Pi.


Lead Lifecycle Visibility Accelerates Sales Volume and Velocity for A10 Networks

The collaboration with Digital Pi set the foundation for A10 Networks to transform its marketing approach, accelerate sales velocity and improve visibility across the marketing and sales pipeline. With this greater insight, the company was better able to align its marketing automation and demand generation processes with the strategic growth of the business.


Digital Pi Helps FireEye Drive Marketing ROI with Marketo Revenue Analytics

For several years, FireEye has relied on Marketo as their marketing automation platform to execute campaigns and measure campaign performance. By 2015, FireEye’s reporting requirements had changed dramatically since first implementing Marketo. Digital Pi helped FireEye transform their reporting, analytics and modeling…and established FireEye as a go-to thought leader at the same time.


Lead Lifecycle Reporting Sets Data-Driven Marketing Strategy at Availity

Digital Pi’s expertise and depth of product knowledge ensured that the marketing automation architecture was set up correctly and aligned with Availity’s business processes. By defining the lead lifecycle along with lead routing, Digital Pi brought a new level of visibility and insight to this fast- growing health care firm’s vast marketing programs.


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Data-Driven Demand Generation and Reporting Accelerates Revenue Growth for GuideSpark


“With Digital Pi, we have doubled the marketing influence on pipeline. Digital Pi makes us more efficient and allowed us to create a virtual marketing army. We have increased our conversion rates, increased sales lead velocity, and accelerated deals. Structure, lead scoring, channel definition — Digital Pi has a gold standard.”

– Jessica Kao, Senior Manager Demand Generation, Guidespark

Marketing Automation Accelerates Revenue Growth at Tipalti


“Digital Pi brought in a lot of best practices. With all of their experience, they were able to give guidance on what made sense for my needs from a business and system perspective. That was a definite positive — it was more than I expected, in fact. The processes, infrastructure and reporting that Digital Pi put in place gave us the marketing foundation we needed to drive 250% growth in revenue in 2015.”

– Rob Israch, Chief Marketing Officer, Tipalti

New Demand Planning Supports Product Line Expansion at Vocera Communications


“We were looking to identify the sources of marketing influence on revenue first from the demand planning process — to see how people were coming through the funnel — and then to apply behavioral scoring. Secondly, we wanted to add real-time personalization to our website experience based on trackable customer segments. Digital Pi gave us the best opportunity to do this right the first time.”

– Marc Blakeney, Director, Digital & Demand Marketing Vocera Communications

Data-Driven Decisions with Hybrid-Centralized Campaign Management Fosters Growth and Engagement for Aerohive


“From day one, I knew that Digital Pi would help me hit the ground running. They made sure that the foundation was set up right the first time so we could measure the business from the beginning and scale its growth Their passion for implementing next-generation marketing solutions came through clearly.”

– Kyausha Lewis, Senior Manager, Marketing Operation and Digital Marketing, Aerohive Networks