Tip #3 – Build Reusable Offers With Snippets

A Snippet is more than the hair that gets cut off your head in the barber’s chair.

We have released ten marketing automation tips  to make you a little more productive. Like presents, some are small, some are big–but enjoy them all.

Today’s Tip – Build Reusable Offers With Snippets

Ever go into a sports area and see signage for the latest cell phone plan EVERYWHERE?…on the jumbletron, on the cupholders, on the billboard, and on t shirts being shot out of the canon.

In the digital world of marketing, imagine if you could push a button and automatically change that offer across all of your assets to promote the latest webinar or whitepaper. That’s where Marketo’s snippets come in.

Typically, digital marketers would need to edit all kinds of emails, landing pages and other assets to include the new graphic and signup link. This process can be a nightmare to maintain.

Marketo snippets are reusable pieces of content that marketers can leverage across many assets. If your organization isn’t using them, ask Santa to get you some snippet lessons and get to work. Rather than edit 50 different emails, landing pages and more, simply edit the snippet and the content will populate across all of those assets. Once setup, snippets significantly cut down the time of overall marketing management.

For the more advanced marketers, snippets can take personalization to a whole other level by leveraging segmentation. This allows organizations to deliver more relevant snippet content based on geography, industry and more. I’ll cover this topic in detail in a future post.

Examples of Where You can Use Snippets

  • Additional offers in all autoresponders.
  • Additional offers on all “Thank You” pages.
  • Sidebars for nurture emails.

Real Life Example

Recently, we worked with USAA to help streamline how it promotes premium content. Led by Investment Communications Manager Matthew Quagliara, USAA leverages snippets of content to promote the latest market commentary.

When USAA is ready to promote a new piece of content, it updates the snippet and that content populates across other assets. This process ensures a consistent brand experience and maximizes the exposure to the the new asset.


Each Autoresponder has a “Read More” section that promotes the latest content snippet. When USAA has a new asset to promote, it updates the snippet and that asset gets promoted across all the autoresponders.

Thank You Page

Each “Thank You” page has a Market Commentary section that has the latest content snippet. While the visitor is consuming the original piece of content, the latest market commentary is served up as the next call-to-action.

See the live example

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