Tip #1 – Add Time Zone Link to Webinar Invites

We have released ten marketing automation tips to make you a little more productive. Like presents, some are small, some are big–but enjoy them all.

Tip #1 -Add Time Zone Link to Webinar Invites

Most of the time, marketers promote their events in 2-3 time zones like (10 AM PT | 1 PM ET). Well what about the folks living in Chicago, Madrid and Hawaii? They have to run a calculator in their heads to figure out what time the webinar starts for them.

Why not make it easy? With the addition of four words to your invites, marketers can provide a more localized experience in less than a minute. Just copy/paste this link into your email invites and landing pages….Find Your Local Time.

Below is a great example of how to leverage this time zone method from an email I recently received from KISSmetrics.

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