The Evolution of Marketing Automation

“Marketing automation is far from perfect” is a quote that rings a bell with me from @troyburk article.

Yes, it’s easy to sign the license agreement and install a platform. Making the system work to optimize the lead process in a repeatable and measurable way takes time–it’s an evolving process. You can’t just push a button and make it work. And just when you figure things out, the platforms get smarter.

The key is to understand the evolution of the solution happens over time as processes, people and technology change within an organization. There will of course be bumps along the way (e.g. Sales Management receives alerts for unopened leads on Christmas).

Marketing automation (MA) is a broad term, used frequently to describe software platforms built for marketing departments to automate repetitive tasks such as sending email communications. MA has evolved since its basic beginnings into robust solutions, geared towards every type and size of business. Forward-thinking businesses are out-pacing their competitors by leveraging the next evolution of MA.

Today, MA generates a greater number (and better quality) of leads, helps sales teams reduce dependency on cold calling, shortens the sales cycle and improves marketing productivity. However, MA is far from perfect……

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