The A Team – An Interview with Eversprint

EversprintWhen Digital Pi CEO and Founder Ryan Vong was asked to speak with Eversprint we were excited at the chance to dive into some hard hitting questions about what makes us tic. Ryan spoke with Eversprint‘s Malcolm Lui and shared how our team has accelerated sales by:  

  • Working only with clients where we can deliver successful results – aligning our services support with client’s strategic objectives.  
  • Having an A-team. We really need the best people to best help our clients from the first pitch to the last day of the project.  
  • Recognizing that our market changes fast and that new marketing automation use cases can surface quickly and creating new opportunities.  
  • Diversifying into B2C marketing automation and knowing how to can leverage our B2B infrastructure and process expertise.  

Listen to the live interview here or check out some of the highlights from the interview below for more about our past, present, and exciting future. 

Eversprint:  Today we’re speaking with Ryan Vong, the CEO of Digital Pi, a fast growing company that helps other companies leverage the marketing automation capabilities of the Marketo platform. Welcome to the call Ryan.
Ryan Vong: Thanks. Thanks for having me on.

Eversprint: Ryan. You grew your company’s revenue from one point three million dollars in 2014 to five point five million in 2017 a 323% increase. And now you’re on track in 2018 to achieve even more. What was your number one sales or marketing objective and what challenges did you have to overcome to get there?
Ryan Vong: That is a very good question. And we actually think about that quite a bit. It really boils down to really one major thing and was really the same idea we had when we began which was: create successful clients. I think that if that is your mission then the rest of it kind of comes into play. And so early on when we started we simply looked for companies we could make successful.

A lot of it is discovering what their needs are, what the objectives are, and whether or not we were the right ones to provide the services to be able to make it happen for them. And if the answer was no – we just wouldn’t take that client on. We put that filter on and it has blossomed and grown over time.

One of the one of the things that I saw when I was starting out was that there would always be a large pitch team of 18 or something and quickly after you signed, you would get a secondary set of folks actually doing the work. Often times this team was just not as good as the pitch team and this process felt wrong.

In our company, we have our experts involved in every facet of the project from pitch on. Sometimes that can become a scaling problem but I also look at it like it’s a great challenge to get the best minds involved with a strategy they’re good at. And once you get that – you can get a lot of things solved quickly. Our client engagements are set up so the client always get the best people doing the work that they asked us to do, and that feels right. Everything we do has that main focus on client success.

Malcolm Lui: How did you go about finding them new clients?
Ryan Vong: The majority of new clients from from word of mouth referrals, but that is changing. One of the things that we’ve done this year is actually acquired a smaller agency that is extremely talented in marketing and with new marketing initiatives we’re seeing returns. 

Malcolm Lui: Now that you acquired a marketing firm, how do they help you?
Ryan Vong: The acquired company was actually a competitor of ours but the CEO is also a good friend of mine and had an east coast presence. They were able to do such incredible content marketing and the goal here was to help further build our brand 

Malcolm Lui: What’s the approach to finding new clients?
Ryan Vong We’re going to do a mix of things. Something we preach, and we teach out there, is account based strategies and now we’re actually deploying that for ourselves. So we have very specific targets in mind for the next year and excited to be turning our engine on!

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