That New Car Smell – Marketo Gets a Facelift with July Release

If you like the smell of a new car, your nose will be happy with Marketo’s new release.

At the Marketo Summit in the spring, Marketo announced its new marketing platform. Now it’s ready for prime time as Marketo begins rollout of the new look and feel July 25, 2014.

In addition to a sleek new interface,  a new marketing calendar will enable marketers to efficiently plan, coordinate and communicate their activities. I have seen bits and pieces of the new release for months (and have heard rumblings for a year) so I’m pretty excited to see it in action.

We’ll dive deeper into tips and tricks in the coming weeks but here is a high level overview of what you can expect. To summarize, this release is a major step for marketers to streamline their everyday efforts.

Sneak Peak at New Release

Start out with My Marketo to gain access to your marketing apps.

Manage activities with new marketing calendar.

Marketo’s New Smartlist look and feel

Other Features

Future Date Operators

This is a huge enhancement if you need to send communications based on future dates. For example, send a string of emails three months before a renewal date.

Thanks Marketo for adding this in as I ran into roadblocks without this capability in the past. Here are a few use cases as previously documented in the community.


  • List Operations in the REST API
  • Fast List Import
  • New Improved Munchkin!
  • RTP: Real-Time Personalization Campaign Templates
  • RTP: JavaScript API Enhancements
  • RTP: HTML5 support in Campaign Content Editor

Marketing Calendar FAQ

A mixture of Marketo and REM generated FAQs.

What is Marketo’s Marketing Calendar? What are its benefits?

Marketo’s Marketing Calendar instantly displays all of your events, emails and more across programs and gives each person on the marketing team a relevant view into what’s happening.

It helps marketing teams plan, coordinate and communicate their activities, so they can be more efficient and productive and avoid costly mistakes.

How will rollout occur?

Marketing Calendar will be rolled out to customers over the course of the month after launch (July 26th). You will receive an email with the date you can have Marketing Calendar enabled for your account.

Customers with up to 10 Marketing Lead Management or Dialog users will get Marketing Calendar automatically enabled.

If you have more than 10 users, please contact your sales rep to discuss pricing. Marketing Calendar will not be automatically enabled for your account.

Does it cost money?

This new product will be available at no charge to customers with 10 or fewer Marketo Lead Management or Dialog users. Learn more about pricing and availability (Community login required)

What features does Marketing Calendar include?

  • View all the different programs and campaigns across your organization
  • View Marketing Calendar in a three Week, Month or Agenda format
  • Create custom views (for example an Event Manager can create a view to see only Events)
  • See tentative and confirmed activities
  • View custom entry types (Roadshows, Seminars, etc.) across your programs
  • Filter views using Program tags, Channels and Workspaces
  • Save the views you use most often
  • Share views with other Marketo users
  • Drill down into specific programs or campaigns from the Marketing Calendar

Can marketers share the calendar with non Marketo users (e.g. the Sales team)?

Not yet but that feature is high on the list for a followup release.

What about historical data?

Marketo will populate data from about May 1, 2014 in the calendar.

Wait, I don’t like change. Can I use the old interface?

No. But if you have complaints, use your 2003 Treo Smartphone to call support.

What won’t show up in the calendar?

To reduce noise, recurring batch campaigns won’t show up. Also, trigger campaigns will not show up in the calendar.

Will campaigns automatically show up in the calendar?

Yes, batch campaigns will automatically show up in the calendar. Here are a few examples.

Define what displays in the calendar.

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