Share the Knowledge – Launch of RevEngine Insider

“Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it.” Anonymous

Today, I am excited to announce a new site where marketers can go to share their experiences and learn about how to improve their business with marketing automation:

As one of our readers noted “Pie-in-the-sky content is great but what I really need is step-by-step advice that makes my life easier.” Sure, we will cover all the great thought-leadership strategy trends like: Sales and Marketing alignment, analytics and content marketing. But what we really love though is the down and dirty “how-to” tips to make that strategy a reality.

Learn from the Pros – We Have Several on Deck to Share Best Practices

We’ve assembled the smartest minds in automation to contribute. Pros like Josh Hill, Anthony Iannarino,  Alexandre Pelletier, Ed Masson, Pierce Ujjainwalla, Dan Radu and others will be sharing some of their best practices in the future.

Gain Insights from Great Minds – The Executive Q&A Series

Also lined up are monthly interviews with executives from hot new companies that feed into the marketing automation ecosystem. First up is Matt Benati from Lead Gnome who will tell us about his entrepreneurial journey. Look for that interview over the next week.

Join the Community

Sharing is major part of RevEngine Insider. Be one of the first to join the Community so you can share best practices with other marketers. Join the Group.

Send us Your Burning Questions

Think about a pressing question that’s bothering you today…literally today. Are your webinar invites not performing? Is Sales complaining about crappy leads? Your CEO requesting data you can’t get? Send me an email and we’ll try to cover that question in a future post.

Get Involved and Contribute

Great ideas do not live in a vault. Get those tidbits out of your head and share the knowledge. If you have a great idea or tip for our audience, visit our Contributors page.

I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned and look forward to your contributions this year!

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