Seamlessly Capture Lead Activity with JavaScript API for Marketo Engage

If you’re like most marketers using marketing automation platforms, there’s been a moment where you suddenly found something you wish your could do, some seemingly simple functionality that would make your Marketo Engage or Eloqua instance SING! That’s where custom development comes in.

For MOps teams that don’t have access to a developer, or to a developer with experience writing scripts for Marketo Engage, Digital Pi offers custom development services to help you extend your marketing activities beyond the standard capabilities of your martech tools, giving you better control of your marketing automation platform.

Here’s an example of a custom development scenario we recently managed for a client.

Track UTMs & Route Activity to Marketo Engage Forms with JavaScript API

The MOps team wanted to create a seamless user experience that captured every activity and data point of the user email and website engagement using UTMs. The challenge is that UTMs are usually in the parameters of the URL, and they disappear once a user navigates to a new URL. We needed a way to keep the UTM parameters across the web sessions, and to also make sure that if a user clicked on a different campaign on a different day, those updated UTMs would be the ones retained when the user converted by filling out a Marketo Engage form. 

The solution was to use JavaScript to write a script to store those tracked UTMs in a cookie. The script would automatically add the UTM data to the Marketo Engage form as hidden fields, so that MOps didn’t need to add each of those fields manually in the Marketo Engage form editor. The JavaScript API has an endpoint that provides the ability to add those hidden fields in the script itself, so you always get the mappings right and the UTM data always ends up in the right field. Marketers don’t have to go through and modify all of their forms in Marketo just to add those UTM fields, because the script handles all of it. 

This allowed the marketing team to develop user experiences and journeys throughout the site that got a user to interact with different portions of the site, without the fear of losing any of the data from a campaign they were running. It was a great way to ensure that the data persisted throughout the site, which ultimately creates a more personalized experience for the user and better marketing data for MOps.

Put On Your “Developer” Hat And Join Us At Marketo Top Tips For More Use Cases

Custom development for Marketo Engage can extend the flexibility and functionality of your forms and enable your MOps team to do so much more with your martech investment. Join us for our third annual Marketo Top Tips Event and prepare to put on your developer hat as you learn:

  • How to streamline the deployment of localized forms in various languages
  • A breakdown of UTM tracking and custom unsubscribe as it relates to forms
  • How bulk API updates, bulk cloning, and program tagging can bring efficiencies to your Marketo management

And much more! This event is virtual again this year, so sign up now and join us for any of the sessions you’re interested in live or on-demand.

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