New Marketo Features to Ignite Marketing Automation Innovation in 2H 2013

New Marketo Features to Ignite Marketing Automation Innovation in 2H 2013

Yesterday, I attended the Marketo Jumpstart roadshow in Boston with hundreds of other Marketo users and prospects. There was definitely a lot of good buzz about what Marketo is up to.

Marketo’s Michael Berger kicks off the Product Roadmap session

Most customers were excited about the recently released Customer Engagement Engine (See previous 7 Killer Features blog post) that changes the game for making lead nurturing much easier to manage. Not many have implemented those capabilities but most plan to in the second half of 2013.

Speaking of the second half, I sat in on the Product Roadmap session with Michael Berger and there are some great new capabilities coming down the pike to help marketers automate their marketing efforts. Obviously the features aren’t out yet so a detail or two may vary.

Q3 2013

  • Account Based Attribution for Closed Loop Reporting – This is one of my favorite capabilities as it addresses a manual Saleforce process issue most companies face around closed-loop reporting.  Tracking leads through close can be very difficult for one main reason— if a Contact isn’t part of an Opportunity, the marketing programs don’t get revenue credit. If you are having trouble with your reps adding the appropriate Contacts to Opportunities, this new report solves the issue.

Now marketers can tie revenue to an Account rather than a Contact. Since every Opportunity has to belong to an Account, the closed-loop gap is filled. This capability is critical to ensure closed loop reporting.

  • New Calendar. No need to manage your programs in different places. Keep track of all your campaigns in a Marketo calendar for ease of management. This has been a top customer request in the Marketo community for a while.
  • Mobile Friendly with New Landing Page Editor – Marketers can use a library of responsive templates with a new editor so emails and landing pages look great no matter which device being used. Users will get more flexibility for creating landing pages as part of the landing page editor facelift.
  • Forms 2.0 – Over the years, there have been many requests for more flexibility around form creation. Forms 2.0 has bundled many of those requests into one release to boost form effectiveness.
    • More flexibility for embedding forms on your own pages.
    • Better control over the look of forms (e.g. no longer tied into using column based field setup.)
    • More control over validating form fields.
    • Ability to create dependent fields without creating complex java code. For example, “Car Make” field could then drop down a dependent “Car Model” field.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Research keywords, track competitors and get guidance on how to improve SEO.
  • Shorter URLs – My mom never liked long hair just like no one links long URLs. Long trackable URLs can sometimes throw off redirects in other marketing campaigns (like a partner sponsored email). Plus, no one likes a long link. The Marketo tracking links will now be a lot shorter.
  • Email Scripting – Customers will be able to populate data from different objects and offer scripting technology for advanced emails (Including functions to format text, numeric and data values)

Q4 2013

  • Search Engine Management – See ROI of Google and optimized Google bids based on conversion success and opportunity success. You’ll be able to leverage that conversion data in Google (rather than just straight page conversions).
  • Overall User Experience– Faster UI, touch friendly, split tree usability.
  • Improved Performance – Finding the count of all leads in Colorado who clicked an email within the last two weeks can sometimes take a minute or two. Marketo is overhauling its infrastructure to make reports like this much faster to improve productivity. I’m hearing claims of 100X faster which would really be time saver for users.
  • Email Conversion Tracking – Track the success of emails beyond standard clicks. Did the email help create a deal?
  • Sales Insight Reporting – Now sales reps can see the reporting data of the emails they send.

Marketo’s new capabilities fit in nicely to the overall Marketo platform

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