Let’s Talk MOps: Teams, Turnover & Trends [Webinar]

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With 42% of marketing automation professionals leaving their companies last year, organizations are feeling the expertise pinch. Your [insert here: MOps expert, Marketo admin, Campaign Specialist] has left the team… NOW WHAT!?

If you recently have been hit by the “Great Resignation” phenomenon happening across teams, we get it. Finding the right experts to manage Marketing operations can be a challenge and when someone on the team leaves, everyone feels the pain. Sometimes, it helps to talk these things through and hear what others in the industry are doing to combat turnover and ensure your business not only runs, but can still grow, despite team change ups.

On May 24th, we hosted a meeting of the minds to talk through the challenges of finding the right people—and keeping them—for your MOps teams. Topics include:

  • Market overview: what does the great resignation and the great reshuffle really mean? And why is it called great when there’s nothing great about it!
  • Team building: what are some of the considerations you should think through if you’re building a dream team? What expertise is actually needed and what can you afford?
  • Retention planning: how do you keep your talent happy and engaged?
  • Disruption: do you have backup plans and documentation available for team changes?
  • Horror stories: hear how Digital Pi and Iterable have handled some challenging team/staffing situations and conquered business goals while down a team member, or several

We know it’s hard to take time away from campaigns and working within your instance, but understanding more about the B2B turnover trend and how to ensure you have the right people on your bench is critical to success.


Amy Goldfine
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Iterable, and Founder, MarketingOpsAdvice.com
Headshot of Ari Milstein
Ari Milstein
Digital Pi
Headshot of Jeff Coveney
Jeff Coveney
Digital Pi

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