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Your company just held an event and you have a time sensitive follow-up email to send to your attendees. You log in to Marketo, import your attendee list and think you’re good to go. Unfortunately, something is wrong and it takes several hours to load when it usually takes five minutes. Frustrated, you decide to multi-task and build your email but once again, you hit approve only to see a spinning ring appear. You recognize that your Marketo instance is experiencing a slowdown, but what’s causing it? Is it the duplicate records you know exist in your lead database? Is it a 3rd party API?

Don’t fret – we’ve all been there before and have faced a tight deadline
when something in your system didn’t work! 

In today’s business every second counts when following up with potential leads. You can’t spend hours scouring pages of activity logs in your Marketo instance to determine the cause of a delay, and you usually end up waiting for the system to return to normal and your email is sent a day late. You feel powerless.

Enter OMEGA – the analytics tool that gives you a view into your marketing systems allowing you to identify issues before they become problems.  

Custom built for Marketo and the rest of your marketing stack components, OMEGA is the tool that Digital Pi refers to as mission control. OMEGA provides key operational insights in one place, so leveraging it can enable marketing teams to see into their operating environment and predict issues ranging from performance bottlenecks and rogue campaigns, to processes that are running when they shouldn’t be. Whether you need to find the source of duplicate records, or determine how 3rd party APIs are affecting the database, Omega has got your back!

OMEGA provides marketing teams peace of mind by continually monitoring Marketo performance with customizable alerts and a full set of out-of-the-box reports empowering you  with accurate information.

Are you ready to optimize your marketing stack? For a more detailed overview and live demo register for our upcoming Webinar, OMEGA – Mission Control for Marketo on Thursday, October 25, 2018.

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