Marketo: What’s Coming August

Here’s a snapshot of what @Marketo has cooking for its August 2013 scheduled for 8/23/2013.

  • Text-Only Emails – new option to send an email as text only.

 REM Insight: Companies can now send more basic emails for customer support and service alerts. The new feature also provides more nurturing options as companies can give emails more of a non-marketing look for drip emails sent by lead owner. As a side benefit, spam blockers don’t like lots of formatting so text-only emails should improve mailability (in theory anyway).

Customer Engagement engine enhancements

REM Insight: Marketo took nurturing to the next level with the Engagement Engine. Marketo is continuing to make improvements to these new capabilities.

  • Ignore Exhausted Content – configure the engagement program to ignore exhaustion, including suppression of any notifications.

REM Insight: You no longer have to worry about getting alerts automatically when content is exhausted.

  •  Test an Engagement Program – use the new testing feature to simulate a cast, and test newly added content to a live stream

REM Insight: Testing a nurturing track used to be easy with campaigns when you could set your wait steps to a minute in between each piece of content. This allowed you to receive all of your content over a 5-10 minute period. Once you liked your track, you’d reset the wait steps to 1 week or whatever time you wanted.

Testing became a bit more difficult with the Customer Engagement Engine which has a minimum cast of a week. Who has time to wait weeks to test a cast? Now do it faster.

  • View Email as Webpage” and “Unsubscribe” System Tokens – utilize these new tokens to provide greater control of placement on an email.

 REM Insight: Love the flexibility to add to templates or anywhere within the email.

  •  Automatic Trigger Campaign Cleanup – Periodic notification and automatic deactivation of trigger campaigns which haven’t run in the past six months.

 REM Insight: Love getting rid of the junk. Can Marketo also do this for my old shirts I don’t wear anymore and then automatically bring them to Goodwill?

  •  Marketo Financial Management enhancement: Period Cost Update – cost added into MFM will automatically update period cost in MLM

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