Marketo is Playing PPC meet Mr. Marketing Automation

With the announcement of Marketo’s Google Adwords integration, it’s about time these two solutions came together to provide better insight. The announcement is perfect timing for one of our clients who is revamping their PPC campaigns.

googleadwordsplusmarketoCompanies invest tons in Google adwords. The typical process is a PPC expert manages all the PPC campaigns in Google. Leads click on ads and register for high value items such as white papers and webinars. At this point, the marketing automation solutions take over the scoring, nurturing and other behind-the-scenes lead management.  Campaign analysis is mostly done in two separate systems.

Sure, marketers can track that a lead came from Google (a conversion), but granular closed-loop reporting is limited. For example, it’s easy to measure that 100,000 people saw an ad, 200 people clicked and 80 people registered.  Seeing how those 80 people progress through the funnel and tying their activity back to specific AdWords copy has been a bit more complex. As a result, marketers have historically lacked insight to make better decisions on Google Adwords investment.

With Marketo’s new AdWords Conversion Import  feature , joint customers will now be able to view conversion data from Marketo within Google AdWords, providing visibility into which clicks resulted in qualified leads, opportunities, and new customers. As a result, marketers will have better insight to adjust AdWords bids to improve results and optimize spend.

So when can Marketo customers start taking advantage of the new Google Adwords capabilities? The new AdWords feature and new Marketo integrated solution are available immediately. Existing Marketo customers can download step-by-step instructions from the Community.

9/12 Update. Apparently, the feature is not yet ready for Marketo users. I’ll update the post once the functionality becomes available.

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