Make Your SFDC Dashboard More Versatile With Filters

While Marketo offers a rich set of reporting functionality many organizations want to be the go-to system for sales and marketing dashboards. Rather than create a separate dashboard to show Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly data, use a SFDC dashboard filter to create one dashboard that works for all time periods.

The dashboard supports filtering by time period, so report information can be viewed by Month, Quarter, or Year.

Creating SFDC Dashboard Filters

SFDC supports up to four filters on a dashboard. For example, the following filter shows a SFDC dashboard filter for Time Period.

Filters can be created while in the Dashboard “edit” mode when you click on the “Add Filter” button, which opens the following dialog:

Dashboard Filter Rules of the Road

The Marketing 2.0 Dashboard requires the following architectural settings:

Date fields used for the dashboard filters must be Datetime fields. and Marketo system fields use Datetime, and are also common fields to use as filters (Create Date, Modify Date).

All reports should default to All Time or THIS YEAR date ranges.

All dashboard components should default to “Use chart type as defined in source report” = TRUE.

New SFDC fields: MQL Date (lead and contact), MQL Latest Date (lead and contact), Disqualified Reason (lead and contact), SQL Date (lead and contact), SAL Date (lead and contact).

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