Leads Living in the Lead Grave Yard? Recycle

I am a huge fan of the boomerang track discussed in a recent article by Sam Boush @samboush over at Lead Lizard. It’s a major component of a Recycle Program I recommend to most clients. It’s rather easy to implement and can become a quick win for the Sales and Marketing team as a first step in the overall lead lifecycle management process.

In many cases, leads get quickly reviewed, called once and get dumped into some status where they are never seen again. This lead graveyard is no place any lead should live. To maximize Marketing investment, it’s essential to build a process to bring leads back to Sales.

As a first step, the leads should not only get nurtured, but also get scored. If the lead gets active again, the lead will boomerang back  into the lead queue.

A  second part to the program is to introduce a time based element on top of the scoring activity. This allows Sales to specify when the lead should boomerang back if there is no activity. For example, the rep would drop the “Call me back in two months” lead into the Recycle Program. If the lead became active within two months, the rep would get the lead back after it hits a certain threshold. If there was no activity, the lead would boomerang back to the lead queue along with a task for the rep to followup.

And of course, tracking success is vital so setting up a program to measure leads flowing through this process helps measure ROI. After all, Marketing has already paid for the lead so getting back a lead from the dead lowers the organization’s overall cost per MQL.

Quick Steps to Lead Recycling

  1. Rep adds lead to Recycle Program with a timeframe of  2, 4, or 6 months.
  2. The lead’s score drops to 0.
  3. The lead gets nurtured by marketing. If it becomes active and hits a threshold, it returns back to Sales.
  4. After X months, the lead returns to Sales and adds a task to the rep’s queue.

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