Improve Sales: Change Your Marketing Approach, Not Just Your Tools

You’d never jump into a plane’s cockpit to fly without first learning how to fly. Using marketing automation is very similar as you need to plan and strategize on what is most important to your prospects and your organization. You don’t just push a button and take off. This Marketing Profs article highlights several content related topics marketers should think about to make their nurturing campaigns more effective.

In this article, you’ll learn… How the playing field is changing for your sales teams and what you can do to evolve. How content marketing can impact sales decisions. What you can do to learn more about your prospects.

New accountability expectations across sales and marketing departments, coupled with increased demand for online content, are changing the playing field for sales teams.

Although strong sales tools are important, heightened focus needs to be placed on changing the sales and marketing approach to better understand the prospect, and in turn, create a more personalized approach. How you connect with your prospects can ultimately have an impact on meeting sales goals.

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