Gifts Part 2: Using Direct Mail in Engagement Programs

In part one of our Direct Mail series, we touched on using Personalized URLs (PURLs) to drive your customer or prospect further down the marketing funnel. Beyond PURLs, you can also take direct mail one step further and integrate it into your Marketo engagement programs.  Just like cookies and milk- email and direct mail can be even more impactful when used together!
Let’s start with email. In today’s digital environment, email has taken over as a main communication channel and there are benefits – it’s cost effective, quick, and easy to personalize it’s not the only path of communication. But, email is getting cluttered. According to SaneBox’s internal data, “the average inbox contains only 38% important, relevant emails. This means 62% of the emails in the average inbox are not important and can be processed in bulk.” There’s got to be a way to stand out and not get “bulk processed!”
Now, on to direct mail. Direct mail has gotten a stigma in recent years as people associate it with large blasts of generic messaging to every lead in your database that is expensive and time consuming. This stigma has led many marketers to overlook direct mail as a channel in their integrated marketing campaigns, but it is far from the truth. According to DMA’s 2018 40th Edition Statistical Fact Book, response rates for House files jumped 37% and Prospect files almost 3 times from just a few years ago. Direct mail packaging has come a LONG way since postcards and plain white envelopes. There are many multi-dimensional packaging options that stand out, and who isn’t excited to find some SWAG in your mailbox?
With the help of Marketo, a webhook, and a partner (such as PFL), you can easily incorporate direct mail as a touchpoint in your nurture programs. Email and direct mail can work together to create an exciting journey for your customer or prospect, and best of all you can reach them at an exact moment in their engagement stream. With a flow step in your Smart List you can deliver the direct mail piece as easily as you can an email. Best of all, the process is “set it and forget it”- set up the campaign once and your direct mail piece is sent automatically to the right customer or prospect at the right time in their journey. Sounds exciting, but not sure where to start? See below for a few helpful tips.
  1. Get the framework of your Marketo program configured. See here for a four-step blueprint on how to accomplish this.
  2. Determine which touchpoint in your nurture stream is best for your direct mail piece to fit into your lead’s journey. Does it make the most sense for you to deliver the piece in the middle of your stream, after your lead has been introduced to your product in a few emails? Or maybe it makes the most sense for your mail piece to be delivered as the last step in your nurture stream to encourage recipients to request a demo or a free trial and serve as an introduction to sales.
    You can also set specific criteria that a lead has to meet along their journey to receive the direct mail piece. For example, they need to click on at least three links in the previous emails that were delivered in the nurture stream or they need to download a specific piece of content. This allows you to really personalize and target your message to be more impactful.
  3. Pick out the SWAG that you’d like to deliver. Work with your print vendor (such as PFL) to determine which direct mail piece works best for you. The options are endless from food kits to printed whitepapers to coffee mugs. These items can be personalized with your information and shipped in packaging that will really stand out in the mailbox.
Look out for part 3 with even more information about Direct mail and an even deeper dive into Personalized URLs (PURLs). And, join us on Nov 15th for our webinar with PFL all about corporate gifting and how to get ahead of the holidays!

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