Eloqua SMS – 21D Release Review (Controlled Availability)

With the increasing demand for more robust SMS marketing campaigns, Eloqua is stepping up to the plate with a native solution. During the 21C release webinar, Oracle Eloqua provided a sneak peek at a native SMS feature that will be available through Controlled Availability sometime after the 21D release in November.

This is a brand new, native SMS channel in Eloqua that provides seamless cross-channel campaign orchestration. The initial release of the feature will include marketer and subscriber-initiated campaigns. At first, a marketer can send a composed message, the lead can respond, and Eloqua will capture that. However, there’s not much more beyond that, initially. 

In future releases, marketers would be able to automate a response based on keywords. 

Only outbound messages will be available to send. For example, if someone texts back “YES” you can send them message 1, if they text back “NO” you would send message 2 etc. This channel includes Oracle-managed SMS aggregators. There will be unified execution and billing, which requires an add-on SKU.

Eloqua has SMS preference sets to allow for adhering to compliance requirements (CASL, CAN-SPAM, GDPR). Additionally, the new SMS feature includes an editor (similar to other assets) in Eloqua and supports field merges, links (URL shortening OOTB), keywords, and special characters.

For the campaign canvas, Eloqua initially included two (2) steps: an asset step and a decision step.

  • Asset step: where you add the SMS message asset to the canvas
  • Evaluation step: this step determines if the message was clicked during a defined time period

The initial release will also include Native reports. You will be able to view a contact-level activity log with recent activity. And there is an operational view for SMS and campaigns. 

The Eloqua SMS feature does come with an additional cost. There is a a one-time purchase fee for each code or country. There are additional costs based on the total number of messages sent out of the channel. 

More to come soon, but this is a really exciting new feature! We will provide more updates as information becomes available. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about how our team can help you get the most out of your Eloqua investment through our consulting and technical support. 

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