Direct Mail in The New Year

It’s officially the first month of the year and after 2020, everyone is ready for a fresh start! The last year presented challenges that continue to influence the way we operate in the professional world. Social distancing means offices are closed, no hanging out in coffee shops, and we’re all meeting virtually. It’s made us really really miss the water cooler. Nothing can replace that time face-to-face, but there are still ways to connect and build relationships thanks to the power of the Internet and direct mail.

Direct Mail for Clients and Prospects

Breakthrough the digital noise and make an impact on promising leads, welcome new clients, and delight your loyal customers with tangible items. Automated direct mail campaigns can take the guesswork out of deliveries through triggers within a marketing automation campaign.

Here’s a few direct mail ideas to get you started:

Express Appreciation for Clients with a Virtual Dinner Party

Thank your loyal clients for sticking it out with a celebratory virtual dinner party.

  • Create an event campaign in your marketing automation system, just as you would for an in-person event, including email invitation and reminders and a form to RSVP. Be sure to ask about dietary requirements and allergies!
  • Choose a caterer who will deliver meals to your guests. Contact your favorite local restaurants or explore catering services designed for these virtual times.
  • Encourage your colleagues to dress to the nines to complete the celebration at your virtual dining experience!

Onboard New Clients with a New Year Welcome Basket

Treat new clients to “a taste of what’s to come” in the new year!

  • Choose a unique item or theme, like a champagne basket or a package from a local favorite
  • Tease the promise of a gift and ask your clients to engage in a contest that produces user-generated content. Ask for photos in your branded swag to use on social media or ask “what was your biggest marketing automation win of 2020?” to receive a basket
  • Engage with clients that responded with nurture campaigns relative to their stories after they receive their gifts

Reach Qualified Leads with A New Beginnings Treat

Delight qualified leads and assist sales with a memorable gift using a triggered campaign in your marketing automation platform.

  • Work with sales to identify the proper trigger in your customer journey to begin the campaign. Consider what stage leads you’d like to target. PFL offers great advice for selecting top of funnel tactile gifts.
  • Instead of a single item, consider a progressive set of triggered teaser gifts that respond as a prospect moves closer to becomeing a customer. For example: a lead is sent flower seeds after attending a webinar, plants after booking a demo, and a small tree when the deal is closed.
  • Set up delivery events and send alerts to Sales so they can follow up after each delivery.

With in-person events off the calendar, creating automated and memorable tactile experiences along your customer journey will set you apart from the competition.

Direct Mail for Your Team

Show your appreciation for your team with a virtual celebration and accompanying gifts!

Host a Happy Hour Virtually

Whether you’re celebrating a big success, honoring a birthday or just want to unwind, office happy hours aren’t out of the question during quarantine!

  • Order delivery of cocktails, beer, wine and other treats to be delivered beforehand, either from a local business or a service like Cocktail Courier
  • Consider including an activity in the package or arrange to have a professionally guided wine tasking or brewmaster with suggestions for food pairings
  • Everyone meets online at the appointed time and enjoys!

Get Creative with Virtual Paint & Sip

Schedule a Virtual Paint and Sip and uncover everyone’s artistic abilities

  • Affordable painting kits are available online and include everything needed to create your own art studio at home
  • Join online for guided instructions and to socialize with colleagues

Problem Solve with a Murder Mystery Kit

Unleash your inner Agatha Christie with a virtual murder mystery kit.

  • Purchase a virtual murder mystery kit online (or write your own!)
  • Send everyone their roles in advance then schedule a video conference to host the party
  • When it’s time to guess the culprit, ask everyone to write their suspect on a piece of paper, then on the count of three, have everyone hold their answer up to the camera at the same time

We’re All in This Together

2020 was a challenging year for everyone and thing are far from over. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still find ways to show appreciation and spend time together. From the Digital Pi team to yours–may the New Year bring you health, happiness, and success!

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